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Polaris Prize has announced nominees

Just the third time that the Polaris Prize has been given out, the group influenced greatly by the Mercury Prize has just announced the 2008 nominees. Up for grabs is the title as well as $20,000. Here are the nominees: Little Jabs by Two Hours Traffic (Charlottetown) Parc Avenue by Plants and Animals (Montreal) In […]

Video of the Week: Fujiya & Miyagi, “Knickerbocker”

Alright folks, this one comes straight from the top.  Now I don’t want to hear any excuses regarding why you haven’t watched this video yet.  No, “I haven’t had time” or “I don’t even know who Fujiya & Miyagi are”.  Just do as you’re told and check out their video for “Knickerbocker”, got it?

Ryan Schreiber just endorsed Music Emissions (sic)

No need to listen to the entire IFC’s “Future of Music Journalism”, not much of value in the whole thing. Just a bunch of stuff about amateur bloggers taking away the jobs of genuine music critics. Nothing you haven’t heard before. But if you jump the video to about the 8 minute mark Pitchfork’s Ryan […]

Antony & The Johnsons – Shake That Devil [mp3]

I can’t say I’m an Antony & the Johnsons fan but Shake That Devil shows some qualities that I failed to see before. It might be Antony’s involvement with other bands that has got me enjoying his voice a little more. Regardless, I thought I would share this track from his forth-coming Another World EP. […]

RocknRolla Movie Trailer

I had to share this trailer for the new Guy Ritchie movie, RocknRolla. Damn, does it ever look good. It’s been a while since we’ve seen something this decent in theaters.

Poison The Well set to record with J Robbins!

Miami’s POISON THE WELL are excited and honored to announce they will be stepping into the studio w/ famed producer, J Robbins, beginning this November. Spending an entire month w/ Robbins (whose steady hands have helped create amazing albums from Against Me!, Clutch, Paint it Black, Modern Life is War, Murder By Death and more), […]

Mexican Summer – Looks Interesting

In the spirit of the record club resurgence, Mexican Summer finds a cozy spot at the forefront alongside fellow labels Sub Pop and Merge (talk about great company!) Launched in September of 2008, Mexican Summer releases will all be pressed in very limited quantities and will also be available for download, bringing a musical and […]

Way too early to vote

Because I’m not real sure who is reading, I’ll just plan a rant, you’ll all deal with it. As you’ve noticed, there’s a bit of buzz on right now.  Its our second annual Indie Of The Year. This year, the prizes are better and the registrants are more interactive than the last.  Bottom line of the […]

Video of the Week: Q-tip, “Gettin’ Up”

We here at Music Emissions are all about spreadin’ the love. Whether it’s pointing you in the direction of that great band that you hadn’t heard before or setting the table for up and coming indie bands, it’s all about you baby. It’s in this spirit of nonphysical affection that we extend to you another […]

Legacy Recordings Annouces Vinyl LP Reissue Rollout

Megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, .wav files. .mp3’s, iPods, flash drives – all well and good, but does anything compare to the warm ambiance of listening to your favorite 12-inch vinyl 33 1/3 rpm platter spinning on a smooth turntable, with diamond stylus, ceramic cartridge, and lightweight tone-arm doing their thing? For audiophiles and headbangers and everyone […]

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