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Indie Classic 101: #4 Love – Forever Changes

Welcome students old and new… every Thursday until the sun blazes the Earth, the staff shall pay homage to the most classic indie albums of all time. No countdowns, or top 100 lists, just a weekly gaze into the Music Emissions vault. Let the education begin… In 1967 an album would be released that wouldn’t […]

Episode 40 – Grab Bag

I’ve been on holidays for a week, thanks Brian for pulling a podcast off. Seems it was a great success. Congrats to X-Nasty for correctly identifying the theme. Back to music discovery. I took a bunch of the discs that were sitting beside me waiting for review and ripped them. Took a favorite track from […]

Recs from Marissa Nadler

The lovely Marissa Nadler has just released a new album called Little Hells. With that, she gives us some insight into what she’s been enjoying lately. Tulsa. Carter Tanton is an amazing songwriter, who is following up his debut Tulsa release with a new record which should be out soon. He has a great voice […]

Benefit album for the crisis in Darfur: Causes 2

On May 5th, Waxploitation will release Causes 2, the second album in the label’s ongoing benefit series for the crisis in Darfur. 100% of the profits from the release go to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam America. The album includes rare and exclusive songs from some of the most compelling […]

Beck’s One Foot In The Grave being reissued in a deluxe fashion

Released barely four months after Beck’s 1994 debut, Mellow Gold, the minimalist mutant folk collection One Foot in the Grave was a curveball that temporarily threw casual “Loser” fans off Beck’s scent while presaging myriad musical adventures to come in the form of 1996’s multi-platinum breakthrough Odelay. On May 19, One Foot in the Grave […]


It’s a slow starter, but be patient and you’ll witness two of the best freestylers in hip hop playfully ripping each other up.

Recs from The Lonely Forest

John Van Deusen’s (vocals, guitar, piano) of The Lonely Forest ( is getting all set for the release of  We Sing The Body Electric. In the meantime, here are some artists that this talented musician is loving at the moment. Karl Blau: There is nothing I can say about Karl, except, that he’s the shit. […]

Episode 39 -Themecast

This week we take a break from music discovery and make you use your mind a bit.

From the book of WTF?!? reports Tool’s Maynard James Keenan and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park both have cameos in the new film Crank: . According to reports, Bennington (who appeared in the first Crank film) has a run-in with Jason Statham’s Chev at a horse track, while Keenan plays a dog walker who also encounters Chev. Mike Patton […]

Video Of The Week: Girls Against Boys – Basstation

We are going to head back to the archives for this week’s VOW. This time around it’s the very cool Girls Against Boys and their song Basstation. Enjoy and have a great weekend Y’all!

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