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One More Reason to Choose Amazon

Long before Steve Jobs decided DRM free music really did make sense, Amazon was offering up unrestricted MP3’s for the same price that iTunes was selling their caged versions. Apple finally saw the light and eventually lifted the restrictions, demolishing the only downside to making the iTunes store your primary digital music source. Today, Apple […]

Episode 37 – Metal Flashback To The Future

Damn, I’m feeling old with this week’s podcast. I’ve been meaning to do a podcast with all of the new “elder” bands that have released metal albums in the past year. Well, here it is. Some of the finest batch of new songs from bands who have been around a lot longer than you have. […]

Recs from Dengue Fever

Here are 5 great artists that Senon Williams of Dengue Fever says you should check out: Sinn Sismouth…60’s and 70’s era Cambodian Psych Rock. He was called the Elvis of Cambodia, but he was more like the Dylan because he wrote such amazing songs. Nelson Slater….Velvet Underground Era NYC songwriter. One splendid album, “Wild Angel”. […]

Stereolab taking a break…

In an open letter on Pikey states: Dear All, As we recently made #51 with Emperor Tomato Ketchup in the Amazon 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of all Time we feel that our work is done for the moment. We have had to cancel the last two shows that we were scheduled to play, […]

Video of the Week: Cursive – From The Hips

I had a lot of comments on my podcast last week with the inclusion of Cursive’s From The Hips. Well, it appears that the band is really pushing this one. They’ve got a video now and it’s pretty decent. Enjoy.

Indie Classic 101: #1 Fugazi – Repeater

Welcome students old and new…Beginning today, and every Wednesday¬†Thursday until the sun blazes the Earth, the staff shall pay homage to the most classic indie albums of all time. No countdowns, or top 100 lists, just a weekly gaze into the Music Emissions vault. Let the education begin… Fugazi is a band from Washington, D.C. […]

Recs from Living Things

The Living Things are enjoying the release of first album in four years entitled Habeas Corpus. They took a moment to tell us some of their favorite albums at the moment. M. Ward “Hold Time” – I love the instrumentation of this record, all of the musical arrangements are stunning Choral “Mountains” – I play […]

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