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Is that iPod blowing your mind?

by Ross Miller, posted Jul 20th 2009 at 9:59PM What you are about to read is from an actual court filing.

Video of the Week: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

I’ve just been introduced to Passion Pit. Have you heard them? Listen to this track and watch the video. If you like it, you’ll like the full Manners album. Have a great weekend!

Recommendations from Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen is one of Calgary’s greatest unsung singer/songwriters as of late. His latest album Soft Airplane has gone on to garner rave reviews. Chad is a man of little words outside of his songs so in the briefest Recommendations we’ve had yet I present VanGaalen’s five essential albums: Tears For Fears – Songs From […]

Episode #48: Themecast challenge, Volume two

Alright loyal Music Emissions fans. It’s time once again for our themecast. We are doing things a little different this time. Follow closely…

Video Of The Week: Richard Swift – Atlantic Ocean

I was just reviewing the new album from the talented Richard Swift and tracked down the following video for Atlantic Ocean. A fun video to start your weekend. I love the robot costume! Have a great weekend all.

INDIE CLASSIC 101: #13 The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground

Welcome students old and new… every Thursday until the sun blazes the Earth, the staff shall pay homage to the most classic indie albums of all time. No countdowns, or top 100 lists, just a weekly gaze into the Music Emissions vault. Let the education begin… The Velvet Underground was an American rock band first […]

Recommendations from The Dudes

Calgary, Alberta’s the Dudes are set for a new release. The album is called Blood Guts Bruises Cuts and it’s bound to rock your socks off. We caught up with Dan Vacon from the band and got some of his recommendations. Check em out! Alright.  First you have to pick up Mohawk Lodge’s album “Wildfires”.  […]

Episode 47: Toronto, ON Canada

In coming up with last week’s Eastern Canada podcast I had more than enough bands to do a separate half hour podcast of band from Toronto. Check out the diverse nature of the thriving Toronto scene. Write It All Down For You – Elliott Brood (Mountain Meadows) Midnight Rockers – Bedouin Soundclash (Street Gospels) C’mon […]

Michael Jackson’s Memorial… Can the internet handle it?

Mashable has just posted a story asking the question if Michael Jackson’s Memorial next Tuesday will be the biggest web event EVER! Yes, even bigger than the Obama inauguration. I really think they may be onto something. MJ’s passing ate up 30% of Tweets which is a feat in itself. If you want to get […]

Video of the Week: Doves – Winter Hill

This is a pretty cool video for Doves’ Winter Hill that features Danny MacAskill, famous mountain bike trickster. Doves new album, Kingdom of Rust is out now and it’s pretty good.

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