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Has tweeting gone too far?

The latest explosion at… Obama calls Kanye a Jackass… Is twitter too immediate? Are there people out there using their twitter accounts to say things they almost always regret? Has freedom of speech gone too far and now we are getting what we’ve deserved.

IOTY Sponsor Spotlight – Diskfaktory

Since 2002, Diskfaktory has been offering End–to End Artist Services to the Indie-musicians, empowering them to be in control of their music career, business opportunity and destiny with maximum potential income opportunity! We offer a singular integrated and cohesive “Digital, Mobile and Physical ” platform aka “ToolBox” which includes a music packaging, discovery, delivery and […]

Video Of The Week: Five Finger Death Punch – Hard To See

I learned about Five Finger Death Punch on this site. They are a hard hitting but still accessible metal band from the Los Angeles area. They’re getting ready to release a new album called War Is The Answer. Hard To See is the first “single” from the album and its a well done vid by […]

INDIE CLASSIC 101 #21 : Elliott Smith – “Either/Or (self-titled)”

Welcome students old and new… every Thursday until the sun blazes the Earth, the staff shall pay homage to the most classic indie albums of all time. No countdowns, or top 100 lists, just a weekly gaze into the Music Emissions vault. Let the education begin… This one is suggested by our user radiox According […]

Recs from Eric Frederic of Bay Area’s Wallpaper

The Flys – You might remember their late 90s hit “Got You Where I Want You.” I was hyped on their full length containing that song back in high school called “Holiday Man.” Believe it or not, this is a wildy eclectic, oddly psychedelic, amazing record. I still can’t tell if the band didn’t give […]

IOTY Sponsor Spotlight – Sam Ash

It seems like every year (this our third), we throw together Indie Of The Year, the sponsors get more exciting. This year we have a nice mix of imperative indie band resources, and those that point towards a more responsible artist and human. Sam Ash kindly contributes to the Grand Prize a $100 gift certificate […]

CONTEST: Win a prize pack of Collector’s Editions (2 CDs) of Radiohead’s Kid A, Amnesiac, and Hail to the Thief

Yes, Radiohead (or EMI) is back at it with some more re-issues. Music Emissions is proud to give away a prize pack of the three 2CD Collectors Edition (not the Special DVD releases) reissues. Read on to find out how to win! On August 25, Radiohead’s Kid A (2000), Amnesiac (2001), and Hail To The […]

Video Of The Week: Pearl Jam – The Fixer

Wow, I’m really loving this new track from Pearl Jam. It’s called The Fixer and it’s on their new album The Back Spacer. Check it out and have a great weekend:

Indie Classic 101 #20: R.E.M. – Reckoning

R.E.M. used to be forefront in the college music scene. Hmm, what happened from the classics like Document, Life’s Rich Pageant and this album, Reckoning? Well, let’s look back on one of their finer moments and read our new reviewer Todd Levinson Frank’s review of Reckoning.

Recs from the celebrity mind – (freddie) Sipo

Arcade fire – Although not as accessible as their first, once absorbed Neon Bible is an amazing album. Deerhoof – Incredible arrangements that are even better live. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago’s delivery was authentic in a genre that largely disappoints due to second-handedness. Godspeed You Black Emperer – I’ve recently fallen in […]

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