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Video of the Week: Foster The People “Houdini”

On July 4th,  Foster The People performed in front of a sold out (imagine that) show in Dallas.  To allow more people a chance to see them, they were cool enough to play an in-store appearance at the best vinyl shop in town, Good Records.  I was lucky enough to attend both show: The first […]

Roger Waters Performs “In The Flesh?” with Foo Fighters

Last night on the Jimmy Fallon show, fans were treated to a little bit of the unexpected; Roger Waters arrived on stage with the Foo Fighters in what is, to my ears, a great rendition of the track “In The Flesh?” from the album “The Wall”. Roger is currently taking a short break from his […]

Contest: Themecast Vol. 1

This is real simple, the first person to comment with the THEME of all five songs, wins a $5 gift certificate at… *AHEM* staff writers are disqualified from this contest.

Music Emissions announces Unsigned and Wound Up sponsor

SignMeTo is the indie/unsigned platform created by Roadrunner Records. What SMT does, is allow any unsigned act to upload music to their page and let the charts (users) have their say. Here’s some questions that you indie artists may have already …

Episode 96: Unsigned and Wound Up 5; The Sonic Bids leftovers

Welcome to another edition of Music Emissions Podcast of the Week and welcome back to another edition of the Unsigned and Wound Up series. Every last Tuesday of the month, we dedicate our podcast to providing the best up and coming unknown and unsigned talent in the world. For September, we clean off our Sonic […]

Nevermind: Yesterday, Today, Forever

In all of the nostalgic hysteria surrounding the 20th anniversary of this ground breaking record, new footage has finally been released of Nirvana‘s Nevermind. It consists of audio tracks, taken from the band’s experiment at Smart Studios in Wisconsin.  To put in context, this was in the time frame almost immediately after the young misfits […]

Sunday’s Best: R.E.M.

Back in the day, when this place was crawling with forums and chats about random acts of music, we used to poll ourselves. Which album not only set the artist atop of the industry, but stapled them in as musical gods. Vote on all of our Sunday’s Best -In light of their recent disbanding, we […]

Video of the Week: Jeb Corliss “Grinding the Crack”

We’re not sure if you’ve seen it, but we’re absolutely, 100% positive you know we love AWOL Nation around these halls. Some say this is the video that set AWOL Nation free as an indie band. Regardless, found on Red Bull Records and sourced by youtube, Jeb Corliss’ video is overwhelming and we hope you […]

Contest: Snipits V.1

This is real simple, the first person to comment with each artist, song and album of all the songs on this mp3 wins $5 gift certificate at *AHEM* staff writers are disqualified from this contest.

So Long, R.E.M. R.I.P.

One of the main influences on Nirvana, and the entire indie music scene in general, the mega group R.E.M. have just decided to call it quits.  The shocking news has just been announced on their official website.  Formed in 1980 in Athens, GA, the band writes:

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