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Interview: Carolina Arenas

Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes in the Latin music business? Yo tambien. Grasping a little day-by-day and super curious about how it all works, I luckily had the chance to connect with Carolina Arenas, director of BMI’s Latin Writer Relations, to get an insider peek into several aspects of the evolving Latin entertainment […]

Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 21

Back when I was a kid watching someone on Top of the Pops, an oft-heard refrain from one or other parent was “he’s on drugs” or “do you call that music?” Now that I am older than my parents were when they uttered those phrases, do we end up sounding like our parents? The short […]

Interview: Has-Lo

Showing Illadeph love this week, my ears naturally gravitated to Mello Music Group MC/producer Has-Lo’s discography. Diving into his brilliant “In Case I Don’t Make It” and “Conversation B” remix follow-up, it’s been confirmed that pretty much with every project he’s involved in, “everything is” dope. Lauded for his stealthily smooth flow style, this 2007 […]

Release: Atmosphere Southsiders

Due out May 6, the first leak from “Southsiders” is here…Tell us what you think… Tracklisting (sourced by 1. Camera Thief 2. Arthur’s Song 3. The World Might Not Live Through The Night 4. Star Shaped Heart 5. I Love You Like A Brother 6. Southsiders 7. Bitter 8. Mrs. Interpret 9. Fortunate 10. […]

Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 20

There are occasions when I have been very specific about which particular version by an artist is included in the list. In most cases, that is because there is a live version which surpasses the original. That is not to say the original was poor, but merely that the live performance was superior. On a […]

CONS Project exhibits Left Coast style

What do dope music, sneakers, music and skateboard videos, zines and art battles have in common? The LA installment of Converse’s global CONS Project and its Saturday night exhibition brought them all together West Coast style. Holding workshops February 21-23rd, where aspiring youth created music and skateboarding videos with producers and directors, designed street art […]

Longevity vs. When to shut it down

There’s something to be said for endurance in an artist’s career. I was impressed by the jazz album  released by Wayne Shorter last year. Not a masterpiece, but it was solid. And it came out last year just before he turned 80. it gets discouraging seeing artists go through  decline. I wince when I hear […]

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