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Introducing: Barry Myers

posted July 21, 2015, 6:00 pm by JasonHillenburg | Filed Under Bio | comment Leave a Comment

Music as communication, as a means of finding ourselves in others, is a foundational strength of it doesn’t end there however. Barry’s music takes another step beyond by bravely grappling with heady, perhaps unanswerable, questions that follow us all of our lives. Barry Myers’ artistic vision.bmyersbiopicWhy are any of us here? Where have we come from as a species and where are we going? Can we survive? If you think his songs deal with science fiction or disagree with his thoughts is, in the end, immaterial. If you engage his songs and listen to his voice, you have some sense of the man and know that the tropes and glitz are mere window dressing for the intelligent, questioning spirit guiding the music.

For Barry Myers, it’s a spirit born early on. His parents were both music devotees – Myers’ father sang with jazz bands while his pianist mother served as a church soloist. This environment first steered Myers to the drums, but quickly moved on to piano and violin. The foundation laid by his parents and early musical study doesn’t complete the picture however. Other family members soon introduced Myers to popular acts like James Taylor.

Hearing the guitar work in Taylor’s songs, among others, signaled a turn in Myers’ journey. He began playing, but more importantly, he began writing his own songs almost immediately. The influences of his youth pushed him to aim for physical songs that lingered in the memory, but naturally, a young man who felt moved by artists like Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Pink Floyd, and John Lennon inevitably gravitated towards introspective, personal material.

All of the aforementioned qualities are evident on ‘Starseeds and Dreamcatchers’. His interest in New Age thought and motivational texts influenced the album’s writing, but the abiding musical qualities are its truly distinguishing traits. He’s also a steadfast practitioner of a dying art who, unlike many of his younger peers, doesn’t write collections of songs. Instead, he views an album as something where the individual parts add up to a coherent whole.

Developing that artistic vision has been a process, but that journey has freed his art from any dictates, commercial or otherwise. Creative freedom allows works like his first album, 7th Avenue, and the aforementioned ‘Starseeds and Dreamcatchers’ to succeed on their own terms and fills them with a relaxed, airy mood. Barry Myers is a confident and giving artist with chops to burn, but also blessed with the soul of a seeker.


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