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Recommendations from Heather Greene

posted August 19, 2009, 7:21 am by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment 1 Comment

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Heather Greene is a Singer, Songwriter and Scotch Whisky Master who combines two great passions into one unforgettable experience. Her new album, Sweet Otherwise, will be available in October. Here’s some music picks from Ms. Greene.

Ursa Minor — This NYC-based band is led by the gorgeous and talented Michelle Casillas who has as a sexy voice reminiscent of Chrysie Hynde and an edgy,  kick-ass band that can play in the most relaxed yet at the same time completely pulled together way. I can hardly desciribe the musical genre they fit into (do I have to really?)  cause the songs range from country-tinged to Pixie’s edge.  I love that.   I’ve been a long time fan of thiers and am constantly getting on the Ursa Minor myspace page to see latest mixes off their upcoming album.  Not only can she write great songs, and play guitar, she’s also an amazing sound engineer keyboard player and (so I hear) drummer. Check out “Come to Me.”

Apparat, Album “Walls” — This Berlin electronica outfit I discovered while on tour in Europe.  I fell in love with the etherial nature of their compositions and the lush electronic sounds they have seemed to find. All this and melody, too.  I drive around listening to their record, often wishing I could know exactly which keyboards they are using.  I hear a bit of radiohead in some of the songs, which could be a turn-off for some (there can only be one Radiohead, right?) but nonetheless I’m smitten.

Carmen Consoli —  Here is a link to introduce you to one of Italy’s biggest stars, still so relatively unkown in the USA.  I’ve had the big honor of playing with Carmen a couple of time abroad and she is truly one of the most amazing singers I have ever seen live — full of all the energy and passion you’d expect from a beautiful and spicy brunette from Sicily.  She brings me to tears when I see her live and I don’t even know what the hell she’s saying.  I suppose you don’t really need to  know when someone spills so much genuine emotion onto the stage. If you don’t fall in love with her performaces, playing, passion, beauty, songs and voice, you might not be alive.

Patrick Watson, “Wooden Arms”  — The singer from one of my favorite albums in the last couple of years, Ma Fleur’s Cinematic orchestra — presents a fabulous record with haunting, soft vocals, mysterious percussion sounds, and an array of instruments.    The record is a journey of styles,  pulled together under a freakish circus-like feel somewhat indie and somewhat folk.  At the end of the CD I was like, “Whaaa??”  Not really knowing what to feel.   My favorite song is the Bluegrass (yes, bluegrass) tinged Big Bird in a Small Cage.  He’s quite big in Canada.  He will be here too.

MINO GORI — Upcoming Release (TBA?)  Ok so maybe I’m a little biased here, but longtime pal and drummer of mine recorded an album’s worth of material and called in favors from some seriously incredible musicians to create a slew of songs that make you feel like a teenager all over again — and I don’t mean this in a bad way.  Sexy pop rock songs written by a drummer with great hooks, super-slick drumming and whimsical lyrics. Makes me want to drive with a bunch of friends to the beach.  How many songs do you know that start with “Old lady with a Shopping Cart?”  My particular favorite, “Come to you” is ripe for a Gossip Girl soundtrack.


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  1. Profile photo of dscanland dscanland on August 19th, 2009 10:59 am

    Patrick Watson is quite the find. They won the 2007 Polaris Prize (Canada’s answer to the UK’s Mercury Prize) for Close To Paradise. Follow Heather’s recommendation for this one.

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