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Recommendations from Seasons After

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Seasons After is a Rock/Metal band out of Wichita, Kansas. We caught up with guitarist Chris Dawson to find out what band’s he’s been into lately.
BAND – Animals As Leaders
Formed by Tosin Abasi, this band is insane. This is instrumental. I’m pretty sure Tosin wrote everything for the record and brought musicians in to tour with. He is one of the best 8 string guitar players i have ever heard! Beautiful and aggressive. Just how we like it!
BAND – Straight Line stitch
In our upcoming we did a couple tours with these guys and girl. The live show is brutal and the music to match. Must hear! Great vocal hooks and a perfect blend between screaming and singing from Alexis! Love this band..
BAND – Lower Definition
This band mixes a “Glassjaw” style sound with heavier riffs. It is melodic and emotional, but mixes in some brutal screaming and double bass patterns to liven things up. Another band that knows how to write amazing songs, these guys deserve a good listening to.. and they are an amazing live band as well!
BAND – Karl Sanders ALBUM – Saurian Exorcisms
I am not the biggest death metal fan in the world but someone turned me on to this and it is amazing. Karl Sanders is the front man for the popular death metal band NILE. This is a side project he did and is a must hear. Its all instrumental. It is very Egyptian and tribal. I can listen to the nuances for hours. It has some amazing and innovative guitar work on it, you just have to listen
BAND – Destroy The Runner
This band is amazing! A perfect mix of heavy and melodic.. these guys know how to write songs. Their first album was a bit heaver than their sophomore release, “Saints”, but both of them were brutal and beautiful enough to wear out our CD players for weeks at a time.


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