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Recommendations from The Dudes

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Calgary, Alberta’s the Dudes are set for a new release. The album is called Blood Guts Bruises Cuts and it’s bound to rock your socks off. We caught up with Dan Vacon from the band and got some of his recommendations. Check em out!

Alright.  First you have to pick up Mohawk Lodge’s album “Wildfires”.  It’s one part heartbreaking, one part sing along party.  It makes me want to get loaded with my friends and say things like, “We did it though, didn’t we?”

Next, get Culture Reject’s self titled disc.  We played with him once but I missed his set.  We traded discs after the show.  It sat in the corner on my living room floor still in its packaging for months before I decided to spin it.  I was so amazed and at the same time super pissed at myself.  I could have had that in my life so long ago.  “Come culture reject, expect respect.  You protect what is good, yeah we know what is good.”

Everyone needs Two Hours Traffic’s “Little Jabs”.  Joel Plaskett produced it.  It’s the best.  I’ve listened to it a like a thousand times.  It’s all innocent and down homey acoustic rock & roll.  “The heat is on, I told them who you really are.  Now the mystery is gone and they all want to see you.  You should wear that pair of earrings that you stole, you got a fiery soul and everyone should know.”

Also the Two Gallants are totally doing it for me.  Get their self titled album.  The dude’s voice is so tender in the nastiest way.  I believe everything he says and I prefer to believe nothing, so…

You probably already know this, but you should still be listening to all of your Ladyhawk recordings.  If you stopped, you should start again.  Or if you haven’t started, you should get your head out of your arse.  Life is a lot better with Ladyhawk and you may be wasting precious moments.


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