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Recommendations from The Lonely H

posted June 3, 2009, 6:16 am by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Recommendations, Felice Brothers, Caitlin Rose, Lonely H

The Lonely H have a great new album out now called Concrete Class. Have a peek at Brian Rutherford’s 4.5 star review of the album.

Well for Lonely H’s top 5 indie artists, here it goes…

(in no particular order)
1. The Felice Brothers (Dylan/The Band sound from NY)
2. Skeleton Witch (Ridiculous Sorcery Black Metal)
3. The Raggedy Anns (Seattle friends, gypsy folk)
4. Dirty Sweet (Touring buds from San Diego)
5. Caitlin Rose (Nashville Songstress)


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