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Recs from 500 Miles to Memphis

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500 Miles To Memphis

Lead by playfully angry and charismatic front man, Ryan Malott, 500 Miles To Memphis has received international praise for their ability to satisfy the musical hunger of fans in both country and alternative/punk genres. Here’s some of their favorite bands:

Dutch Henry – Best alt. country band out there, hands down. Four part harmonies, shredding guitars and great songwriting. Check out their album “All That Space”. It’s a no-skipper for sure. One of my top ten favorite bands ever.

The O’s – An acoustic two piece from Dallas. Their live shows are great. One guy on the acoustic guitar and kick drum, the other on banjo, steel(lobro) and tambourine. Somehow it rocks extremely hard. Their debut album “We Are the O’s” is instantly catchy as well as a slow grower. Once you push play, you’re hooked….probably for months.

Cari Clara – EPIC…I’m leaving it at that….well maybe not. I could probably write a dissertation on this guy. Beautiful lyrics as well as melodies. Get the album “It’s Our Hearts They’re After” and the “You Better Run” EP. Whatever he’s charging is a steal, trust me. If I had the money I’d buy all of you a copy.

The Melismatics – New Wave Pop Punk is what I would call it. A very fun and tight live show that will school you in the ways of rock n roll. Check out the album “The Acid Test”. Also, youtube them. They have a new music video that rules!

Noah Sugarman – Yeah yeah yeah, he is our bass player, but he’s still one of our favorites. It’s like americana rock meets R&B. Makes you want to chill on a beach…but you’ll be real depressed about it. Check out “The Art of Starting a Fire”. Fav track is “Carolina Waltz”.


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