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Recs from Disco Biscuits

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Disco Biscuits

Philadelphia’s Disco Biscuits are getting ready to release a full length album following the release of their On Time EP.

Here’s a great rundown of Disco Biscuits’ keyboardists Aron Magner’s favorite acts lately:

Electronic music has mostly in the past been about the party or setting the mood. As technology has improved there are many artists redefining the changing landscape of electronic genres.

There’s a new movement of young artists with equal parts musician, DJ, sound sculpture and producer that are re-shaping electronic music and how it is performed. I was blown away last week when I saw Alex B whack down the house for an official Disco Biscuits after party. This young lion has masterful control of his software that enable all of his original and banging tracks constant manipulation for live, almost improvised, computer performance.

Also out of Colorado is the young Derek Smith (aka Pretty Lights). Derek took the changing climate of the music industry and used it to his direct advantage. In an new era where music fans feel more entitled to receive their music without paying for it, Derek said ‘thats cool then…here it is’ and released Filling Up The CIty Skies for free on his website, instantly catapulting his career to a new level and gaining multitudes of fans around the country almost overnight. The music speaks for itself. Deep electronic grooves with attention grabbing glitch and ear candy all with a type of soul not normally conveyed in dance music.

Elliot Lipp frequently runs in this same circle and performs with Alex B in the project Lipp Service. His 2009 release, Peace Love Weed 3D almost feels retro-electro yet still pushed the boundaries of computer manipulation. His use of analog synth melodies lends a warm and engaging quality to his tunes. His songs evolve and have a story to tell from beginning to end.

Daedelus is more of an experimental musician frequently on bills with the artists above. He is unique as his main “instrument” is a rather insidious device know as a monome. He is one of the pioneers of the monome which is nothing more than a matrix grid of unlabeled small buttons. They are all exclusively user programable through a very esoteric software enabling the end user to manipulate the parts of the tracks in a very unique way. He is the Clara Rockmore of this almost cryptic device.

And then there is Simon Posford, a revered producer and artist and pioneer in the electronic music world. He is also a very highly respected mentor of mine that I finally got to work with for the 5 tracks that he produced on our forthcoming album “Planet Anthem”. Simon has a special ability to take an organic sound, be it a vocal or an acoustic guitar and tweak it in such a loving way that it maintains its original feel that emanated from a human yet somehow still evolves into digital code. A delicate balance of real and surreal all masterfully placed over global beats with soundscapes that percolate your ears as if it they were brain candy all while providing for an incredible melodic and harmonic song structure. Check out one his projects, Shpongle, “Tales of the Inexpressible” and you’ll see what I mean.


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