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Recs from Eleni Mandell

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Eleni Mandell is a supremely talented and critically acclaimed
songwriter with a singular gift for writing wry, literate songs that synthesize
jazz, country, folk, blues, rock and pop. “ARTIFICIAL FIRE” builds on her
2007 breakthrough, Miracle of Five, adding a more direct, full-band sound to
Mandell’s sharp-edged tales of romance, lust and love.

Here are Eleni’s 5 Recommendations:

Benji Hughes
The first time I saw Benji walk on stage I was puzzled. What was this bearded, long haired, beer bellied, mountain man going to do? He started crooning, of course. Benji is one of the smartest, kindest people you could know. He’s also wild and hilarious. His music is proof of all of that! He can sing the most heart breaking song with the warmest, smoothest tone and then make you laugh your ass off about tales of being stood up at the Dairy Queen. His songs are catchy and his lyrics are smart!

The Grabs
Maybe it isn’t fair of me to say because I am a member of The Grabs but nobody knows who we are! I get to express my fun, more careless side with The Grabs and I get to play with amazing musicians. Our first record is a garage rock, post punk, pop classic (Sex, Fashion and Money). Our new record (coming out soon!) adds a dash of New Wave and Disco to that brew. We’re fun, groovy, and good to make-out to.

Obie Best
Alex Lilly is one of the best, sassiest, smartest female artists out there and she fronts Obie Best. This girl can really play the piano, really write and really, really sing. Everything seems effortless to her and if I didn’t like her so much I’d probably want to kick her ass.

Grand Ole Party
Theirs is the first record in a million years that actually inspired me to walk my lazy butt into the record store to buy. I was blown away by their video, “Look Out Young Son”, and ended up listening to the first three tracks about a thousand times in just a few days. Their songs take you into another world and make me feel excited about music in a way that I haven’t since I was a teenager. Thanks for that!

I’ve only seen BRAM play one time but got that happy feeling about music that I’m always searching for. The Bram of BRAM is one of the best local musicians in LA (currently playing with Beck). His songs are fun, dance-able and brilliantly executed. These guys can really play. I hope I get to see them again soon!


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