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Recs from Eric Frederic of Bay Area’s Wallpaper

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The Flys – You might remember their late 90s hit “Got You Where I Want You.” I was hyped on their full length containing that song back in high school called “Holiday Man.” Believe it or not, this is a wildy eclectic, oddly psychedelic, amazing record. I still can’t tell if the band didn’t give a shit or spent their life savings on it. Either way, it’s an pleasantly uncomfortable stroll through post-grunge L.A. rock circa 1998.

This Heat – Dudes from Subtle (Lex Records) turned me on to this. Talk about innovative and ahead of its time. How do you make a “post-punk” record before “punk” itself even gets its feet wet. Experimental, dark, heavy, and at times downright catchy. Drummer / singer Charles Hayward went on to make minimalist tape loop music. Check out the record “Deceit,” and the track “A New Kind of Water.”

Peter Brown – White bedroom producer disco from the late 1970s early 1980s. Falls into the same camp as Bobby Caldwell or even Boz Scaggs, but with no budget and a freaky streak. Harsh vocal tone and -great- harmony combine with his weird over-ambitious arrangements to make these killer dance singles. Check out “Dance With Me,” “Do You Wanna Get Funk With Me,” and “They Only Come Out at Night.”

Keziah Jones – 41 year old Nigerian born French residing soul singer. “Black Orpheus,” his 2003 full length, is the most successful fusing of African American mid 1970s style funk and West African traditional music since Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat. “Black Orpheus” is a must have record. “Kpafuca,” “Femiliarise,” the list goes on. Just get it!

Jorge Ben – Jorge Ben is an old man at this point. He is a Brazilian singer of African descent whose aptly titled 1976 breakout record “Africa Brasil” is an untouchable fusing of Afrobeat and Brazilian samba. Such a versatile and uplifting album. Good for making dinner to as it is making babies to. Most of the record is sung in a beautiful Portugese tongue. Check out “Ponta de Lanca Africano.”


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