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Recs from Hooray For Earth

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Hooray for Earth is a new band from New York that started up in Boston. Check them out at their site:

Here are some bands that they recommend:

The Gasman – Superlife, 2008
Something about this album makes me very comfortable. I definitely get into the swirls of chord changes, that’s what made me buy it in the first place. After throwing it in for a few listens I found myself playing it daily for about a month straight. Good winter music.

Morella’s Forest – Super Deluxe, 1995
Sloppy christian shoegaze from Ohio. This is their debut, following albums not too sure about (read: I mostly really don’t like them) but I love this one. Super dreamy, sounds wonderful and terrible at the same time. Sometimes it sounds like the bassist is either tone-deaf or conciously choosing to ignore the guitar chords, but for whatever reason this is something that totally works for me I was given a copy by Paul Holmes (Paul & The Patients) during our short stint at “college”, so it holds a lot of nostalgic value for me. Should be noted that somehow this record totally doesn’t sound dated at all (I think…).

Oh No Ono – Eggs, 2009
Actually this band is quickly becoming not-obscure in the states, but I’ll mention it anyway seeing that myself and a few friends went batshit over it last year. This is one of the greatest albums recorded in a long time. Thats all.

Adrienne Drake – Dullabies, 2010
Dark electronic-pop from Pennsylvania. Debut “album”, you can actually read along with on their website in dramatic opera/play format. Pretty vivid atmosphere, melodically explosive and ambitious.

Icebreaker International – (anything you can find)
Icebreaker International don’t make it easy to find their records or even figure out what songs are on what records, so I’m just listing them as a band. I own an actual copy of their 1999 full lengthDistant Early Warning, as well as CDR a friend of mine gave me years ago with a mix of several random songs. I’m pretty sure if you buy any of their records it’s a good idea. Minimal, organic, ambient synth ventures, heavy on concept.


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