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Seattle’s Josh Ottum is getting ready to release Like The Season, an album full of quality singer/songwriter pop/rock. Josh decided he would like to let us in on some rare finds that really inspires him.

Law of the Least Effort
this music was made by one man, Casey Foubert.  One thing it does sound like is strutting into a room with Link Wray’s jacket and a Meter’s record that has just scratched to a halt and some old jazz drummer just remembered he likes listening to country music.  One thing it does not sound like is the suburbs of Bellevue, Washington.

Arizona Amp and Alternator
This music makes me picture cactus and long highways.  Its like a broken rusty truck.  its like a cat that got hit by lightning.  Most of the songs seem semi-made-up-on-the-spot…but then there’s this really pretty lyric about how the “wind turns skin to leather”.

Frank Lenz
This music is very complex but beneath it all there lies the soul of a man who has looked deep into the abyss and harnessed a sense of melody that can only be attributed to a deep look into the abyss.  This is mildly open soulful music to be listened to while looking at the colors a stained glass window can make on the hard wood floors of your apartment.

Arm of Roger
This music is made in central california.  The album cover has a guy flying over the ocean with rollerblades on holding a cat.  You should listen to this when you’re taking everything very seriously.  The song “down with animals” is absolutely absolute.

Michael Deakers
This music is another one man show.  Its instrumental and sensitive.  It embraces electronic equipment.  It is neither here nor there.  It drives down the coast in a car with Christmas on the horizon.  or…not?


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