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Recs from Mean Creek

posted September 22, 2010, 8:59 am by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment Leave a Comment

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Mean Creek is a new band from Boston, Mass. They have a new 7″ just out and they are making waves in the indie circle in Boston. Check em out. Here is some music that they recommend:

Cotton Jones
I’ve been a huge fan of Mike Nau, Whitney McGraw, and their beautiful band since their Page France days, and i love their current incarnation Cotton Jones just as much if not more. Their new album “Paranoid Cocoon” is packed full of great songs. Mike is one of my favorite lyricists and singers. His words are really powerful, and the vocal melodies and harmonies are incredible. The band provides a great simple laid back feeling to all their songs too which really makes them shine.

Dead Confederate
One of my favorite current bands. Also one of the loudest live bands i’ve ever seen, and i mean that as a compliment! They blow me away live every time with a raw and intense show. Hardy’s vocals are really unique and one of my favorite parts of the band. They play really heavy spacey music, and combine it with great songs that stick with you. They stick with you not only because they are catchy, but also because they carry a heavy emotional weight that resonates.

Jessica Lea Mayfield
She sings with a slow drawl that gets me everytime. Her songs are really well written, and i love the melodies and lyrics. Her band is also incredible if you ever get a chance to catch them live. They have a great solid hard-hitting drummer, her brother on bass doing sweet harmonies, and a trippy lead guitarist who adds awesome delayed guitar leads.

The Whigs
These guys rock, that’s the best way i can describe The Whigs. Their live show has a ton of energy that i think is missing from a lot of rock n roll bands now-a-days. They do more than rock though, they write really great songs that stick in your head! That combined with the intensity with which they play those songs with is what really captured my attention. It goes straight inside you and rattles you awake as all good rock music should.

Elvis Perkins in Dearland
You can’t really go wrong with a gifted songwriter with a great band behind him. Another one of my favorite current lyricists/singers. The songs are great, and the band is so talented they make it all sound so perfect. I also think they create a really unique sound as well by experimenting a lot with different instruments. It’s nice to hear earnest songs like these being written today. I want to hear more stuff like this.


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