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Recs from Melissa McClelland

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Melissa McClelland

Canada’s Melissa McClelland has a wonderful voice and a great songwriting knack. Check out her Six Shooter Records debut Victoria Day, out now. Here are some artists that she’s really enjoying at the moment.

the Donefors:  It’s time for Janine Stoll to be recognized for her amazing talent & I think that her new band ‘the Donefors’ may finally get people to pay attention.  This group is a collective  of musically skilled, cute as button comrades who are not afraid to poke fun at themselves while delivering achingly beautiful songs.  the title of their debut record ‘how to have sex with canadians’ says it all.  there’s nothing pretentious or trendy about this band.  just good music.  how refreshing.

JD Ormond: He is completely under the radar.  Not even in the same room as the radar, but hopefully not for long.  he is my brother-in-law from the coldest city on earth, that would be ‘Peg City, Manitoba.  JD just finished recording his first record a few weeks ago.  We don’t know when it will be available for other human ears, but I believe that his voice & stories are meant to be heard (especially by human ears).  From a guy who turns Wu-tang songs into indie rock ballads, sports an un-ironic rat tail & comes from a town where Neil Young rode a horse through his highschool hallway (or legend has it)…how can you not love his music?

Ali Bartlett: Ali is hiding in a basement somewhere writing brilliant songs.  She may never entirely emerge from her dark cavern, but she will always sneak out somehow, whether it’s an alias blog online or a painting hanging in a cafe in downtown Hamilton or a song on my last record.  don’t be foolish enough not to notice.

Ben Somer: Ben is a sweet, chubby cheeked youngin’ from Hamilton.  But to backtrack on my condescending tone, his songs carry a significant weight that is well beyond his years.  this is authentic poetry devlivered with raspy, vulnerable vocals.  His new record is produced by Les Cooper & is a beautiful, understated collection of tunes.

Alice Stuart: it has been said that there would be no Bonnie Rait without Alice Stuart.  She was a hot-shot blues player in the 60’s & 70’s, but gave up her career to raise a family.  She’s back at it now & I was lucky enough to catch her solo acoustic set at the Basement in Nashville last year.  I can’t comment on her recorded material or her band the Formerlies, but only on what I saw her deliver with one acoustic & a pair of Chuck Taylors.  & that would be the coolest granny ever devouring her guitar & taking those pro Nashville wankers down a notch.


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