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Recs from Oscar Albis Rodriguez – Nakatomi Plaza / Ludlow Lions / Ghost Robot Ninja Bear

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Tags: Nakatomi Plaza, Scarce, Small Factory, Good Luck

Oscar Albis Rodriguez is a busy man. Not one or two projects on the go but three. He is the brains behind Nakatomi Plaza / Ludlow Lions / Ghost Robot Ninja Bear. Someone this prolific is interesting to see what sort of music they listen to. Here is a list:

1. Milagres (formerly The Secret Life of Sofia)

This Brooklyn band is fronted by one of my favorite songwriters, New Mexico transplant Kyle Wilson. They play what I call Mountain music (the geological structures, not Leslie West’s band). You’ll understand after you listen to their album Seven Summits (which was released under their old name The Secret Life of Sofia).

2. New Numbers

Former Jealous Girlfriends guitarist Josh Abbot sings dreamy indie pop with a Bowie vibe. Very cool.

3. Good Luck

DIY sweethearts from Bloomington, IN. Urgent, poppy, punk rock played with a different kind of guitar shredding (think Peter Buck meets Chris Hannah).

4. Small Factory

Defunct mid-90s Providence, RI indie pop band. Check out their album “For If You Cannot Fly” and you’ll remember why you got into music in the first place.

5. Scarce

Defunct mid-90s Providence, RI recently undefunct. Wiki their history, it’s really interesting. Then check out their records. Really great songwriting and playing. Their bassist Joyce also wrote a book about her life (and her time with the band) called Aching To Be. It’s a good read, check it out.


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