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PJ Bond

Towards the end of 2009 I, PJ Bond, was asked by a variety of publications about the best records of the year, or at least what my favorites were. The quick recap I did in my head proved rather frightening; it would appear I don’t really listen to music. Now, of course this isn’t completely true, but seeing as I’ve been touring for basically the last 11 months straight I’ve rarely found time to scour the Internet for new, quality bands. Furthermore, I think the radio, for the most part, is crap. Though I do enjoy terrible pop country and hip hop from time to time. Who knew you could make so many cold beer and money references?

Anyway, what I’ve decided instead to do is share some amazing friends and acts I’ve met on the road who definitely do not get the attention they deserve. Here it goes:

Brian bond – sure, he’s my brother, but he is by far the best musician and songwriter I’ve ever met. Clear, strong vocals wrap around beautiful chord progressions and evocative melodies. Exceptional lyrcal content pushes these songs all the further. You’re missing out if you’ve not heard of him.

Courtnay Marie Andrews – one of the best acts I’ve ever played with. Quiet, sweet, hauntingly beautiful songs delivered by an amazingly special voice. I found myself singing her songs while falling asleep after having heard them only once.

State of the artist – Seattle hip hop bringing positivity and unity back into the community. Seattle has a cracking scene and these boys are doing an amazing job of helping put the city back on the map.

The waltz – Brian Carley, of the great 90s emo band Penfold, delivering well penned, moving pieces that brim with literary prowess. The voice so many of us missed for so long is finally back, thankfully.

Communipaw – you may think it’s unfair for me to include my brother’s band as well. Listen to their soaring indie rock/alt country blends and see how this seemless band more than deserves their own spot in this list. Incredibly deliberate, perfectly chosen lines build together to create something way bigger than the sum of its parts.


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