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Recs from Preston Lovinggood of Wild Sweet Orange

posted January 7, 2009, 9:54 am by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Wild Sweet Orange, Lizzy Grant, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Maria Taylor, Denison Witmer, Recommendations

Lizzy Grant is the perfect pop star in my opinion. not too nice not too mean and just sexy enough. she wears her obsessions on her sleeve. more artist should do that. more people need to get obsessed with things like Lizzy Grant.

Modern Skirts are the most original indie pop band i have ever heard. they keep there influences at a perfect distants and keep there hometown close. you can hear the sunny streets of Athens, Georgia in every song they sing.

Denison Witmer is one of the reasons i wanted to write a folk song. the emotion of everydayness and the holiness of the moment is a great experience. an experience that Denison seems to long for. that longing is what makes a good song. i want to write songs like him.

Think  I love Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s because they are pop and proud. this isnt fashionable indie rock.  this is good melodies. this is perfect pop songs. this is what you want to hear when your having a bad day. its like evan dando covering pet sounds. its like kurt cobain singing rubber soul and i love it.

Maria Taylor’s new record, LADY LUCK, is so perfect and makes me so happy that i cant even stand it. it reminds me of paul simon in that she transcends her sadness just enough to really be able to sing about it.  She has really got in touch with her feelings so we can relate to her pop songs even more now! this record is a women at the ends of her wits and is her best to date. you should buy it.


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