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Recs from Sleepercar and Sparta’s Jim Ward

posted November 5, 2008, 7:56 pm by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment 1 Comment

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This is the inaugural post for a new feature we are calling “Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind”. We are asking bands who are a little more known than some to recommend some artists that you might not be familiar with. Our first artist is no stranger to the Indie world. Jim Ward is helping small bands with his label Civil Defense League. Here are his picks:

  • Times New Viking – They are the best garage band in America right now, record after record they stick to a recording style that is very minimal but the songs are amazingly well written.
  • Department of Eagles -  This band is super fluid and the melodies are rock solid, perfect mix of avant garde and pop sensible.
  • Avec – This band is on our imprint label and features probably the best guy/girl vocal mix around, very intense and powerful with a lot of thought behind it
  • One Small Step For Landmines – Also on our label, from florida, ridiculously catchy songs that are both well written and take you into a good place
  • David Dondero – A singing songwriting legend that has his own set of rules to play by and remains a well kept secret- he is known as one of the best songwriters of our time, people need to know his music on a larger scale.


One Response to “Recs from Sleepercar and Sparta’s Jim Ward”

  1. Profile photo of Grimace Grimace on November 6th, 2008 4:02 pm

    Times New Viking was very Grimey stuff, it had poor production, something tells me this was intended on all their jams. I kept checking to see my speakers were busted. The distortion was overwhelming, but behind it I hear good melodies.

    Wow, thats some change in gears there Jim, again Department of Eagles has a very minimalistic sound, but oddly and uniquely enjoyable. Like Pink Floyd meets Sesame Street, I’d be surprised if there’s no Beattles influence. If your a fan of DOE dig out another indie artist named Kieskagato from Portland.

    Avec has a progressive punkrock sound. A femalian lead as Ward says it very effective here. Good pace, and don’t just rule em out as PopPunk when you hear the first few minutes. These guys have an overall respect for instrumentation. Different bars and notes of simplicity are used on their first MS player song Man In Space. Albina Krobot has some a fantastic mix of harmonies and terrific blending of many sounds or genre…. Verucha Salt fans must swarm!! I’ll keep these guys on my playlist any day.

    One Small Step For Landmines weve become very familiar with round here lately.
    Check out Dennis’ review

    David Dondero I can see myself listening to again. Though the first track is a bit aggressive with talk of Churches, who I am to blasphemy? But its his melodic and 60’s like guitar sound, electric or acoustic that has me hanging around and listening to one track after another. Lots of storytelling…enjoyable

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