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Recs from Strung Out

posted October 28, 2009, 6:11 am by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment Leave a Comment

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If you’ve ever been into punk music you will most likely have come across punk legends Strung Out. They’ve released a number of classic albums and their new album, Agents of the Underground is their 8th full length and mark the bands 20th anniversary. We caught up with Drummer Jordan Burns and got some of the bands current faves. These are fantastic because I haven’t heard of ANY of them! I’ll be checking them all out.

Pour Habit
Well I am of course bias to these guys being I am managing them, but they are a great live band and their live show is awesome. They are a punk band from Compton California and their singer Chuck is such a good entertaining frontman. I got them on a few shows with NOFX, Fat Mike saw them once and signed them. That says something, no? Maybe not… Haha!

Evergreen Terrace
These guys rock like no other. They play hardcore with some melodic singing as well and they are super heavy. I tend to rock their album all the time. They are our favorite band to tour with too.

Boy Prostitute
I found out about these guys through a demo I received I guess while we were in Florida long ago. It sat at my house for a while and I happened to find it and checked it out. They are like a cross between the Smithereens and the Ramones. I have no idea what’s up with their band name but, I really dig their CD. Enough to where they are playing a couple shows with us in Florida.

The Sheds
Now these guys are local from my area in Agoura, CA and they’ve got this 13 year old guitar player who just really rocks. He’s got the charisma and talent to hold this band down with his two older brothers. They just played some dates on the Warped Tour and it went great for them. They are of course up and coming but, off to a great start.

The Darlings
These guys are from Huntington Beach, CA and I really enjoy seeing them live. They are in the vein of say Social Distortion. Just some really good rock n roll. We’ve been having them play shows with us whenever we can. All of us like them quite a bit.


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