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The Accused. The band may bring back some memories from some of the elder members of our community. Tommy “The Accused” Niemayer is bringing the band back once again for another of the Martha Splatterhead series. The new album is called The Curse of Martha Splatterhead and is out now on Southern Lord. Tommy dropped us a line to let us know where some of his influence came from. Have a read.

1. Sacrilege U.K. “Behind The Realms of Madness” EP (1985);
Under-rated and practically ignored English band who fused the best elements of hardcore punk with the meat-carving butchery of speed metal to create a boot-stomping, tank-crushing brand of noise that remains untouchable in attitude and execution to this day. A VERY inspirational band for me, personally (hear The Accused song “Bethany Home” for a good example of the Sacrilege U.K. influence)

2. SWEET – “Desolation Boulevard” (1973);
Hard to believe this is the same bubble-gum, teen pop idols from the U.K. that brought the world, “Little WIlly”, “Ballroom Blitz” and “Fox On THe Run”. Side ‘B’ of the American version of this 1973 album has two or three songs that easily could’ve been placed side-by-side with “Am I Evil?”, “Blitzkrieg”. or “Bread Fan” on Metallica’s “Garage days” compilations and been RIGHT at home. Double-time palm-muted “jigga-jigga” guitar riffs, razor tight and FAST!!…”Set Me Free” showed me SWEET were WAAAY ahead of the game and unfortunately, before their time.

3. Halloween – “Don’t Metal With Evil” (1984)
Detroit-based glam rockers with a slight “Christian” angle thrown in every now and then. Their desire to actually TRANSFORM into their idols is HIGHLY apparent on this album throughout. The whiney bleach-blond vocalist falls short of even a BAD Vince Neil (!), but the redeemer here is the guitar!! HOLY SHIT! If you are a Randy Rhodes fan, get a load of THIS guy’s chops and tell me he’s not at LEAST a close contender to Randy’s throne. Best tracks, “Trick Or Treat”, “Busted”

4. China White – “Dangerzone” EP (1981);
Orange County, CA punk band that hands-down were one of the BEST if not the FIRST punk group to combine short, powerful punk chops with “heavy metal” riffs and “solos” creating a condensed, well-crafted, non-pretentious new sound that later was credited to others and tagged “Cross-Over”. Fuck that.

5. Tank – “Power of The Hunter” (1982);
U.K. bastard sons of Motorhead fronted on bass and lead vocals by Algy Ward, previously of The Damned. Algy and crew took their obvious Motorhead-inspired sound and poured ale and cigarettes down its throat while it was a puppy, raising it on bar-brawls and headbanging weekday nights until it grew into the beast it is on this their second official full-length; Dirty when it SHOULD be and clean and tight when the time is right. Kind of like the PERFECT Prom Date!


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