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Recs from The Architects

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The Architects

After spending their entire Summer on the Vans Warped Tour in support of their album  The Hard Way, The Architects hitting the road with Flogging Molly and Frank Turner on the GREEN 17 TOUR. The Hard Way was produced by KCMO’s AARON CONNER (Cher, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G.) and released on SKELETON CREW (owned by Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance).

Zachary Phillips gives us some great music recommendations:

  • ROMAN NUMERALS / Anodyne Records. These Kansas City boys cranked out an amazing record a few years back that went completely unnoticed if you ask me. Rule of 5’s is my favorite track! Do not miss their amazing live show at this years SXSW.
  • THERE FOR I AM / Equal Vision Records. I spent all of last Summer bitch slapping bubble gummers in the face with this Boston-based hardcore band on the Vans Warped Tour. They are in my opinion the biscuits & gravy of their genre. They make Chiodos look and sound like a bunch of limp dicked wankers with bad taste in gear and not a song to stand on.
  • GALLOWS / Sire Records  Holy living Fuck! These English mother fuckers released an album called “Grey Britain” that continues to kill me every time I hear it. Very muscular hardcore that my girlfriend loves working out and cleaning the house to! A must buy.
  • P.O.S. / Rhymesayers  Steph the MC for P.O.S. has an amazing stage presence and spits some of the nastiest crap ever. His Beats are fresh. His show will leave you refreshed about hip hop.
  • GHOSTY / Lawrence KS These indie/folk bastards are great! They have records out too! Sort of remind me of the Shins. Get online and check them out you spoon fed baby!

Sincerely ~ Zachary Phillips of THE ARCHITECTS

And Brandon Phillips of The Architects chimes in with a couple of his favorites.

ROLL THE TANKS – These guys are not friends of mine, we’ve never met and there is nothing in it for me in making this recommendation…which should indicate that I am VERY serious about how good these songs are and how much I’d like to see this band live. I think they have a residency at the Silverlake Lounge this month so if you’re in LA, check it out for me.

BENT LEFT – KC friends who manage to play great punk rock in the year 2010 without any metal-core breakdowns, screaming, or synthesized bullshit. They also happen to throw the best basement shows in all of human history. The kind of basement shows that will have you hunched over a bar ten years from now, your pizza delivery bag still strapped to your shoulder while you admonish your attractive 21 year old manager about her taste in music and insist that she could never understand the importance of Mission Of Burma or The Replacements.


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