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Recs from The Art of Shooting

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The Art of Shooting

The Art of Shooting are a new female fronted rock band by way of Brooklyn. They’ve got their debut album, Traveling Show, ready for release and it seems like it’s going to be a good album (“dreamy shoegaze with crunchy, melodic and bursting with vocal harmonies”). We like to know what music inspires a band. Here are 5 music recommendations from The Art Of Shooting as they get prepared for the release of their debut album.

This San Francisco quartets jangle, reverb, and sweet swirling vocals lead into a tribal feel that you cannot help but dance to. I push repeat on their EP constantly just to be surrounded by their vibe, and the live show is sweet, simple, and demure all while leading me near tears.

Buke and Gass
It’s rare to find a band that is as good live as they are recorded. Buke and Gass make their own instruments and even have a wah pedal attached to the bass/ukelele. Total noise, and seemingly inaccessible songs that are somehow so catchy you automatically know the words.

Drink Up Buttercup
It is almost enough to tell you that this Philly band plays “smashcans”. I can’t compare them to anything cuz I’ve never heard anything like them…but there’s an opera singer, a taxi cab bass, CRAZY energy, and a mannequin head.

The Lonely Forest
Theres nothing more appealing to me than candid lyrics, screamed raw vocals, piano, and complex drumming. This band will be everywhere in no time, but in the interrim, “We Sing The Body Electric” is in the top ten records I found in 2009.

They just released their sophomore album “Night Falls” and its absolutely gorgeous. They’re from Baltimore and they sound like both Christmas and someone breaking up with you at the same time.


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