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Recs from The Most Serene Republic

posted January 13, 2010, 9:06 am by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment 1 Comment

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Canadian Indie act, The Most Serene Republic is just getting the momentum going on their latest Arts & Crafts album, …And the Ever Expanding Universe. Over the years the band has grown to seven members. We managed to get recommendations from Sean Woolven (guitars) and Adam Balsam (Drums).

The Most Serene Republic

FROM Sean:

Grizzly Bear – Pop music at it’s finest, harking back to the sounds of the late 60’s. With Beach Boys era vocal harmonies, and interesting modern arrangements, this band is sure to knock your knee high socks off!

SO MANY DYNAMOS – Their music is generally classified as indie rock, combining aspects of pop, dance-punk, and math rock, and video games. Some might say, a cousin of the Dismemberment Plan.

FROM Adam:

Dismemberment Plan – Although these guys split up in 2003, it certainly hasn’t hindered their influence upon indie rock. A very strong rhythym section, an obnoxious lead singer, Travis Morrison, and a wash of post-prog…this band summerizes the state of indie-pop in the early 2000’s. Their songs are loaded with memorable melodies, grand anthems, and unique time signatures, all pulled off with perfect execution. Check out: “The Other Side”, “The City”, and “Academy Award” .

PDF Format – “PDF Format is David Dineen-Porter. Masterfully clutching your favorite antiquated gaming systems by the chips, he forges 8-bit anthems which make the classic quest soundtracks of yore sound akin to a chimp programming your microwave. While opting for a Commodore 64 over today’s more robust abaci, Porters impressive work ethic is undeniable; pumping out an entire albums worth of melodies in a single afternoon is not uncommon. The latest of which being “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight”, his contribution to the recently programmed collection of 8-bit Weezer covers available at”

Dungen – This Swedish quartet, led by the multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes can only be described as Psychedelic Indie prog rock, with experimental jazz and hip hop tendencies. Their sound is very retro, since they record with gear from the 60’s, complete with ambient flutes, violins and a mellotron. Ejstes voice (although sung in Swedish), helps bring the listener closer to Psychedelia, while a tight and flavourful rythym section harks back to an early King Crimson. Check out the tracks: “Panda” and “Festival” from Ta Det Lugnt and “Fredag” off their latest Album: 4


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  1. Profile photo of mountaloha mountaloha on January 15th, 2010 10:51 pm

    I just got their album, “Flashlights” and I enjoyed it. It tends to get a slight bit repetitive after a while, but it was a good listen.

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