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Recs from The Unwinding Hours

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The Unwinding Hours

You may remember Aereogramme. Craig B and Iain Cook from the aforementioned band have got a new project going called The Unwinding Hours. We caught up with Craig to get some music recommendations for you:

Wind’s Poem by Mount Eerie – A unique and eclectic mix of songs that happen to be terrifying and beautifully haunting all at once. Brilliantly atmospheric and compelling, it sounds like nothing else and is highly recommended for listening on your own especially if there is a storm outside.

The Worries by Mimas – It’s hard to write guitar music these days and make it stand out from all the rest of the world. Sometimes simple, very well written songs with a slightly stranger edge does the trick and Mimas do this very well. Melodic and epic in parts but never taking itself too seriously.

Changing of the seasons by Ane Brun – Ane Brun has a voice that melts me every times I hear it. She is also one of the finest songwriters around today and every song is beautifully arranged with muted drums, warm bass notes and fantastic backing vocals. A rare beauty.

Pride by Phosphorescent– Another brilliant songwriter who has one of those late night, whisky soaked tired voices which, when he sings about having a particular cocaine hangover, you can hear that he’s had one hell of a night. The stand out track “Wolves” is a heartbreaker indeed. Enigmatic and moving in equal ways.

Kollapse by Breach – Ever get into a band after they split up and kick yourself that you never saw them live? This is Breach for me. They are a very intelligent metal band that have slight post rock leanings but not in a boring, meandering way. Brutal, angular and precise in places but brave enough to experiment in other areas. Don’t get me wrong though, when they kick off, they sound VERY angry and it’s perfect.


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