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Recs from Toronto’s Dearly Beloved

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Dearly Beloved

Toronto’s Dearly Beloved have just released their debut album, Make It Bleed on Zoe. A great alt-indie-rock sound. We asked singer/bassist Rob Higgins what music was on his playlist right now.

1. Tripping Hazard
This Toronto combo is super rad and claim their pants aren’t too tight. I appreciate a good fit and these absurdists are just what one needs from time to time. Intelligent, discerning and bizarre. What’s not to like?

2. NoMeansNo, Wrong
NoMeansNo was/is Canada’s finest prog-punk band and not a day went by in my early 20’s that didn’t involve listening to them. The bass playing is SICK and the drumming is mind-blowing. And best of all, they have a sense of humour. No, they’re not new but they still tour and are a national treasure.

3. Health, Get Color
Noise rock and just killer live. They keep it weird and when the word relentless comes to mind at a live show and I’m clearly enjoying myself I know the band is onto something. They’re pretty hyped already but I guess I’m late to the party. To me, this is a new band that people need to know about.

4. Battles, Mirrored
Again, not exactly an obscure band, but if you don’t know about Battles then you really need to check ’em out. They’re sound builders and manipulators that create soundscapes so hooky it borders on pop music. Experimental as hook is something I can’t find enough of. Bring on new Battles!

5. The Sonics
Some credit The Sonics as being the first real punk band. What’s undeniable is that even though they crafted some the 60’s finest jams, they can still bring it live all these years later. I know. I seen it on the interweb, eh!


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