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Recs From Toronto’s Zeus

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Zeus was born from the musical friendship of Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson. The two Toronto-based musicians have been living on the road for the past few years as the backing band for singer/songwriter andBroken Social Scene member Jason Collett. With a lineup rounded out by longtime friends and musical compatriots Rob Drake and Neil QuinZeus draws upon classic influences to craft timeless songs, complete with fuzzed out guitars and shimmering harmonies.

We caught up with Mike O’Brien for some recommendations:

1. William Delray

This guy is one of the most prolific songwriters I know. He has a   magic hat full of 2 minute gems that will make you laugh, cry,   giggle and jump up and down all in one fluid motion. His band, The   Sexy Moving Parts, help bring these songs to life and provide a   beautiful sound world for the songs to live in. We all anxiously   await an official release so for now visit his myspace which he is   constantly updating with new material.

2. Bahamas

Songwriter and good pal Afie Jurvanen has been pumping out wicked   tunes ever since we met as wee lads. His latest project called   Bahamas ups the ante on song-craft as well as some stellar guitar   wizardry. Check out his debut record called ‘Pink Strat’ , it’s a   welcome addition to any serious music fan’s collection. Plus he’s   got it out on vinyl which means it sounds highly juiced.

3. Dannielle Duval

Hey now! Double Decent pop songs comin your way. Dannielle is a   singer-songwriter who we befriended and have recently begun work on   her latest recording down at Zeus’ own studio. So far we’ve recorded   about 6 songs for this project with Dannielle and they’re all as   catchy and kooky and killer as they wanna be. Rip, raging vocal   abilities and an innate abilty to write the type of songs you’ve   been waiting to hear. Check out her myspace as well for some   samplings.

4. The Golden Dogs

I hope you’ve already heard of or seen this band live, but just in   case you haven’t I am including them as well. We recently finnished   recording an album with these guys at our studio as well and it   promises to be their best yet! Main man Dave Azzolini has branched   out in his songwriting and his musical mind continues to explode   like a hundred cherry bombs. Also Jessica has come up to the   forefront on this one providing compositions as well as some kick   ass lead vocals. I for one can’t wait to hear the final album so   stay tuned. If your new to these guy’s then you can use this time to   aquaint yourselves with their back catalogue.

5.  Paul Linklater

Paul is a guy I first encountered in Guelph, ON where he was   performing under the name The Scribbled Out Man. I was struck by his   ability to pull off some crazy intricate guitar licks while singing   like an angel. His drummer at the time was Don Kerr who is probably   one of my all time favourites. Recently we crossed paths in London,   ON where he handed me an album which he recorded in his bedroom   which turned out to be 3 albums. The material on it ranges from dark   to whimsical and is always entertaining. Bravo Paul! I’m not really   sure how you can get your hands on this stuff but if you message his   myspace I’m sure he’ll sort ya out.


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