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Recs from Valdur

posted March 24, 2010, 8:50 am by dscanland | Filed Under Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind | comment Leave a Comment

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I don’t know a lot about California’s Black Metal band Valdur but Lord Sxuperion of the band was kind enough to give us some black metal recommendations. We don’t get them often enough around here…

Blackened metal that does not skimp on atmosphere.  We have played a few shows with them now, and for one show they did nothing but atmospheric drone for the entire show.  About halfway through their set, some inner-city hipster went up front and started talking shit… was pretty nice to see Autarch from Lightning Swords throw the guy out the door and onto his ass….

Very hard to describe, but heavy and eerie as hell.  From Utah and Buer from Weverin does vocals.  I guess it’s a mix of Godflesh and Mayhem?  …..very brutal stuff.

The name speaks for itself.  Look ’em up and have a listen……
Important song title: ‘Beheaded by Bukkake’

Such cool music that I am releasing the first full length on my label.  The creativity of the one artist from Italy who creates all the music and art for Incubo is amazing.  Slow and depressing, yet very regal….just like that bottle of Jeager and that long walk in the mountains you should partake in…..

Beherit/Blasphemy whoreship……don’t be pussy.  I think they have broken up though….not sure.


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