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Editorial: M.E. Summer Music Memories

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Now that June’s rolled around and school’s out, it’s time to prepare for vacay. Feeling nostalgic lately, we started to ponder the fun summers gone by and the memories (good or bad) we covet from childhood during this season of hot temps and cool beverages. Are there songs that no matter how much time passes always remind you of summer excursions? Were there summer shows you could never forget? We posed these questions to our staff and here are our thoughts:

Brian: Thirty six summers have passed and mostly, I think of trends that come-and-go when I think of the greatest season’s music. Fresh Prince “Summertime” is probably people’s most applicable thought here, but there’s so much more listener-specific results on this kind of question. Bryan Adams “Summer of ’69,” “Don Henley “Boys Of Summer” or even other pop crap that inundated your life. The wife and I were coming home from a long day of traveling for my step-daughter’s graduation and “Whoomp There It Is” came on. There’s literally thirty six summers (for good-or-ill) of memories of upbeat, seasonal songs up there somewhere. What’s my favorite? Hit me up next year.

Chiara: It was 2003, I was 13 years old and discovering the “summer freedom”. I was sitting at the bar on the beach waiting for the time to swim in the sea, and the boy I liked came to talk and to play Uno, just to say “I passed all the afternoon with her!”. “This Love” played on the radio. But there wasn’t only just Maroon 5; another song that reminds me immediately of summer is “Where Is The Love?” by the Black Eyed Peas. It was pretty amazing learning English with Will.I.Am and Fergie! Every summer has got its fav summer music memories, but I’ve chosen 2003 because it was the summer in which I learned that I couldn’t live without music. This summer hasn’t started yet, but I already have my favorite: “El Mismo Sol” by Alvaro Soler is for sure one of the soundtracks of this summer… but the best is yet to come!

Kevin: Without a doubt, 2010. My dad and I saw Rush twice in the course of two weeks in late June. I remember the first time, at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ like it was yesterday. We had great seats, stage right. To be able to see the band me and my father share as our favorites was a once in a lifetime event that we got to experience twice. This was during Rush’s Time Machine Tour, and they were playing their most popular record, “Moving Pictures” in its entirety. My father mentioned how he was looking forward to hearing “Witch Hunt”, from that album, played live as it hadn’t appeared on any of their live albums or rarely (if ever) during their tours in the past. Oddly enough this is my favorite track on the record, so that was a special moment as well. I can connect a lot of music to my summers over the years, especially as a child, but those two concerts can never be topped for summer music memories.

Madelaine: One summer I had a job that was 45 min- 1 hour drive away. The car I was driving had no USB port and the radio stations always seemed to cut out. I also generally get annoyed with most radio stations so that wasn’t going to happen. The music which always makes me think of summer is a mix-CD I made for the drive. I can’t remember every song on the CD but the three songs which absolutely remind me of summer are “Crimewave” by Crystal Castles, “Bad Kids” by the Black Keys, and “Half Full Glass of Wine” by Tame Impala. These songs remind me of a stuffy car sitting in a parking lot in the sweltering humidity of summer and the smell of air conditioner as I try to bring the car and my body temperature to an acceptable normal, as well as the countryside between my house and downtown Picton. I don’t have great memories attached to these songs, but they kept me company during a long drive when I threatened to fall asleep, and calmed me after a frustrating day at work.

Carlita: There are so many great summer music memories I have going to block parties in NY and being in the back of the car, with my head close to blasting speakers playing mixtapes my DJ dad made for our long road trips. Prince, Zapp, Kansas, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Tribe, De La, Michael Jackson, Whodini and LL lyrics are all firmly imprinted in my brain as a result.

As far as summer concerts, these show memories stick out above the rest:

1. Listening to D’Angelo soundcheck before his first LA show in 12 years on a July 4th
2. The Rock The Bells Shows where I met Slick Rick, J. Cole, Grouch and Eligh, Freddie Gibbs, Mobb Deep, Black Moon, Rapsody, Big Daddy Kane, Common, DJ Scratch and Cypress Hill. Those were fun.
3. Screaming myself hoarse at Jones Beach Ampitheatre at a N’Sync show

Charles- Summer of ’79 – the last time I was free of responsibility. I spent the summer on trains traveling across Europe. Italy, France, Sweden, Germany and Holland. Italian ice-cream in Venice, pickled herring in Gavle, coffee in Paris, litres of beer in Cologne. I jumped a fence into a public park in a German town to sleep under the bandstand and get out of the pouring rain, awaking in the morning to find I had broken into the grounds of a mental hospital. Arriving too late at the youth hostel in Venice and sleeping outside to find the birds had used me as a crapping post during the night. And the music. David Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging” was the theme song to the trip. But other musical memories included Tubeway Army’s “Are Friends Electric?” and the whole Cars fantastic debut album. Musical memories which will be forever associated with that epic trip.

Nathaniel: Summer is a great time for catching up on movies and music listening. I remember when rap went to a new level of popularity in the mid 1980s and early ’90s and listening to recordings by Run DMC, Public Enemy and LL Cool J. Listening to Cheap Trick and the Cars in the late 1970s as a kid stay in my memory. Going through my dad’s old Beatles and Rolling Stones records was great fun. The time between school years increased familiarity with different styles of music. I cultivated an interest in Classical during my college years.

Sometimes it could be a challenge on a road trip with someone who played music I didn’t particularly like. After enduring a four hour drive with someone who played nothing but heavy metal, I begged to hear something else. Hearing Weird Al Yankovic, the Red Hot Chili Peppers or anything was a welcome change for the ride home. I understood how passengers felt when they asked if they could listen to something besides rap.

Tell us YOUR summer music memories! Post or tweet them to us!


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