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Interview: Lewis Watson

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On the hunt for new music yet again and thrilled December yielded some epic finds, one EP’s name stood out from the rest –“Some Songs With Some Friends”. Precise, to the point and really good. The artist behind this and other EPs with titles like “It’s got four songs on it BTW” and equally descriptive Instagram photos, being British singer-songwriter Lewis Watson. Ascending the pop charts and gathering an international fanbase, this YouTube phenom’s accomplished a lot so far, with a full-length debut album in the works for 2014.

I e-connected with Lewis prior to the release of his latest EP to ask some peculiar questions and get a sense of how crazy 2013 was and his thoughts on his passionate fanbase. Read his answers below and visit Lewis’ site for more tour and album info!

1. How exciting is it to see your fifth new EP rising up the charts across the world?

it feels incredible, absolutely amazing. i never expected even a hint of success in this music lark, so to have this much success with 5 EPs before an album ? i’m absolutely over the moon

2. Besides the release of this new music, what was your biggest WTF (you couldn’t believe you were somewhere doing something) moment of 2013?

on december the 16th, i was asked to play in a tiny pub in the south west of england with coldplay and it was batshit crazy

3. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened onstage?

we were playing our first gig in LA (which was sold out and full of potential agents for america) and my tuner had switched modes and was telling me that every string was tuned a tone too high so i tuned down and started playing the first song in the wrong key. it was painful.

4. You’ve often been compared to Ed Sheeran. How do you feel about that and would you collaborate together?

i feel like it’s a bit of a lazy comparison however, i have nothing but respect for ed and the comparison is a compliment ! i’d love to, i think he’s a very smart lad and his work rate is incredible

5. If you could say anything to the creators of YouTube, what would it be?

cheers. not only for allowing me (and many others) to upload content for free but for the countless hours of people playing minecraft that i can watch

6. What was the first song you taught yourself to play on guitar?

i think it was an acoustic cover of ‘forever’ by chris brown. before he got angry

7. What’s the craziest fan experience you’ve had so far?

there’s been a couple of times where people have cried AT me which i always find weird. it’s just me, man ! but i think seeing tattoos of my lyrics takes the cake, that is massive to me and i need a moment every time i see it

8. When you’re not performing or recording, what would someone be surprised to know you love to do?

i watch a LOT of videos of people playing games. i didn’t realize how weird it was until my manager said to me one day ‘wouldn’t you rather be playing the game?’. i don’t know, it’s just entertaining. probably not too surprising though, haha. sorry !

9. If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to listen to 5 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?

bon iver – for emma, forever ago
bombay bicycle club – i had the blues but i shook them loose
death cab for cutie – plans
the greatest hits of either 2pac or biggie (ask me on the day of departure and i’ll pick a side)
slipknot – slipknot

10. Who would you not want to trade lives with?

not ? probably a lot of people haha. urm, more specifically… probably just bieber, he’s just in a constant battle, isn’t he ? can’t do anything without it being slated by millions, what a shame.

11. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

i’d probably just sit in a busy place and people watch, there’s something really nice about the thought of doing that without being seen and weird

12. What’s on the agenda for 2014?

album ! touring, writing, promo and more recording ! can’t wait.


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