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Introducing: Counting Glaciers

posted December 31, 2014, 8:41 am by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Bio, Editorial, Introducing, Recommendations from the Writer's Mind | comment 1 Comment

Question. When is a band not a band? Answer. When a collection of talented individuals come together for a recording reflecting the diversity of their influences without having plans to make that temporary affiliation more permanent.

With that in mind, the individuals behind “Counting Glaciers” could equally be regarded as not being a band…

Or as actually being a super-group. countingglaciersCounting Glaciers, for so shall the album name be applied to the non-band/supergroup, clearly do not regard themselves as a band, in the traditional sense. Each has his or her own musical role as a performer, among other interests and each has a solid reputation and a portfolio of work behind them in their respective fields. Yet, for the purposes of this project, the individual members adopted a self-effacing approach, putting reputations and egos aside, preferring instead that the listener concentrate on the music.

The genesis of Counting Glaciers can be found in a series of regular encounters and chance meetings finally coming together at an opportune time when each individual found time to realise this unique musical project. In August 2014, when all of individuals were in Nashville without other commitments, the idea behind Counting Glaciers finally became a reality.

The name Counting Glaciers reflects the complexity of the journey each of the contributors has taken, overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive approach to life, and honours those who have made and continue to make similar journeys. Each has contributed; each has achieved; each can take credit for the result while maintaining the individual identity which is so important to the creative spirit behind
the recording.

The result is an instrumental album which reflects the goal

to create the very best music [they] could without selling out, classifying [their] sound or targeting a specific audience.

The background of the individual members is as diverse as one would expect from such a line-up. Scotty Burton, the spokesman for all, fingerpicks the guitars and contributes solos along with multi-instrumentalist and South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Rory Hoffman and Richard Smith. Richard’s wife, Julie Adams, plays cello on this recording and elsewhere partners Richard musically.

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Author, composer and educator, Victor Wooten, is a five-time Grammy winner and founder member of Bela Fleck and the Fleck Tones. Drummer Glen Caruba also has an educational bent, providing videos and instruction sessions for aspiring drummers. Aaron Till plays the fiddle on this recording, and also boasts an impressive multi-instrumentality.

countingglaciersbackcoverWith influences as varied as jazz, classical, country, soul and rock, it is hardly surprising that there is considerable opportunity for something new to be found in the music. Though Scotty Burton wrote most of the music, he admits to welcoming collaboration with other members with Richard Smith and Rory Hoffman making distinctive contributions on four of the tracks on the album.

The result is an album which sounds fresh and alive and, with the promise of more to come, possibly with a new recording in February 2015, who knows? The band which does not regard itself as a band may yet end up being the super-group the collective talents of the members warrant.


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  1. Profile photo of spaceman999 spaceman999 on January 1st, 2015 7:48 am

    amazing music!!!!!!!!!!

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