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Introducing: Jonas Martin

posted June 19, 2015, 12:00 pm by JasonHillenburg | Filed Under Bio, Editorial, Introducing | comment Leave a Comment

Life is full of circuitous journeys. We find things in our youth that fire our imaginations before moving on to other passions, but occasionally, we sometimes retrace our steps and find unexpected callings from the ashes of the past. Jonas MartinWBO_8878 remembers his father’s love for music and a long tenure playing percussion in school band played crucial roles in his development, but despite their influence, a younger Martin wanted to pursue filmmaking instead.

The intrusions of growing up pulled Martin in another direction and his goal of becoming involved with film receded in the distance. He moved in with a close musician friend and, initially as a lark, Martin and his friend began recording improvisational jams and sound collages.

It wasn’t long, however, until chemistry and the creative process inspired unexpected passion and elevated his love for music.

Before his emergence as a solo artist, Martin served a valuable tenure as keyboardist in a respected Beatles tribute act. It improved his chops as a musician and live performer, but likewise served as a priceless apprenticeship that taught him much about chord structure and harmony. Experience like this pays off in an enormous way on Chokecherry Jam. The collection is distinguished by its wide frame of musical reference – while Martin consciously strives for a modern, relevant sound, his musical vision doesn’t outright reject any style or sound if it serves the material. Influenced by lyricists like Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson, Martin’s songwriting is likewise distinguished by their fluency, bitter humor, and rich imagery.

The future is bright. Martin is eager to take his song to live audiences around the country and has surrounded himself with sympathetic musicians who he trusts can leave their own distinctive touches on his songs and treat them as malleable creations. Many have heard the phrase an work of art is never finished, only abandoned. Martin’s artistic credo never sees his own work as a fixed or finished. Instead, his music is intended as a fluid experience for player and listener alike, ever evolving.

Life is for the living. Jonas Martin brings considerable passion to anything he loves and the resulting effect on his music is obvious. Imagination, perseverance, and a zest for charging into the future are blessings in this life and chances to experience that viscerally through another enriches and entertains us all.


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