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Top 15 Live Concert Videos Of 2011

posted December 31, 2011, 7:07 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Video | comment 1 Comment

Tags: Kurt Vile, Grieves, Jane's Addiction, Coheed & Cambria

I lost track of how many shows that I went to this year, more than ever before though. Good thing I had my video camera handy for most of them. I didn’t pick these clips because they were my favorite, or because there was anything special or unique about them. I simply went through our list, and picked those with the most views. The only exception is that I didn’t include any duplicates, so once a band once on this list, I didn’t add them a 2nd time.   Also, these clips are all live footage, I didn’t include any interviews.  So here are our Top 15 Live Concert Videos Of 2011, chosen from our YouTube page. You can find all of these clips and a ton more (over 200 now!) at

1. BOTDF, Vans Warped Tour, June 2011

This was our first time being introduced to this band. Not only did we not know who they were, we hadn’t planned on watching their set early that day in the blistering Texas heat. Their passionate performance, along with the intensity and responsiveness from the crowd quickly changed our minds. This is our most highly viewed video, with over 23,000 hits. We also have another video from them which is still our 2nd highest rated, with over 13,000 views.

2. Grieves, Vans Warped Tour, 2011

Another performance from the kickoff to Vans Warped Tour this past summer. We were tipped off to the hot young hip-hop star thanks to a brief article in Spin. You can also watch our video interview with him, which already has over 9,000 views, one of our most.

3. Kurt Vile & The Violators, SXSW, March 2011

My best friend and I made our 1st trip down to Austin’s South By Southwest this year,and the only shows that we attended were free ones. This was one of Kurt’s many performances during the week, this was outside at Waterloo Records, the best record shop in Austin. If you watch closely, you will see smoke from the cameraman’s joint being exhaled!

4. Foster The People, Good Records, July 2011

Come on now, you didn’t really think we could post the top live video highlights of the year without them did you?  For the July 4th weekend, the band had a sold out show in Dallas. They were cool enough to do a free, acoustic/unplugged set in the city’s best record shop, earlier that day. I was lucky enough to be at both, and record it.

5. Dirty Heads, Edgefest, April 2011

One of our favorite groups, I saw them twice this year. This was at an outdoor fest, with Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, A Day To Remember, Middle Class Rut, and more.

6. Social Distortion, Edgefest, April 2011

Another clip from 102.1 Kdge Fm’s annual Edgefest. This was the first song they opened with, and has over 2000 views.

7. Rebelution, House Of Blues, March 2011

This was my first time seeing Rebelution. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this venue doesn’t usually let people smoke out, and this band is all about getting high. Luckily they made an exception and we got to partake! This clip just passed the 1500 mark.

8. Cage The Elephant, Palladium Ballroom, May 2011

This show featured Cage headlining, and opening support Manchester Orchestra and Sleeper Agent. We almost didn’t get in, and ended up having to pay for a ticket since the guestlist got  messed up. This video only has like 10-15 less views than the one above it!

9. The Meat Puppets, SXSW, March 2011


Another clip from Waterloo Records at SXSW in Austin. This band has been around for quite a long time and seemed to have some resurgence this year. Here they perform the song Nirvana would later make famous covering.

10. Devo, Palladium Ballroom, March 2011

I was originally gonna watch them for the 1st time in November 2010 at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, but they were not able to be there.  Since I had never had a chance to see them and wasn’t sure if or when I could again, I had to. They put on a much better show than you might think.

11. AWOLNATION, ACL, September 2011

The opening song from AWOL at Austin City Limits was this one, “Jump On My Shoulders”.  And no doubt would it be complete without an actual stage dive! This was the only day we could attend this year, but it was so worth it! This video barely got beat out by Devo.

12. Coheed & Cambria, Palladium Ballroom, April 2011

This was a great opportunity to catch them, since they did both an entire acoustic set, and a normal one. Unfortunately we weren’t able to record any of the first. Their fans are among the most intense and loyal of any.

13. Passafire, Vans Warped Tour, June 2011

We just learned of this band and just happened to catch this show. We also were lucky and got to chill our their tour bus to interview them afterwards. This only has about 50 less views than Coheed.

14. Sublime With Rome, Gexa Energy Pavillion, July 2011

This is probably my favorite video here. This took place this summer at the outdoor venue in Dallas that changes names every 2 years. Before the show I got to interview Rome, the new lead singer in Sublime With Rome. Much to my surprise, Jared Watson from Dirty Heads was also backstage with his girlfriend. He made a special guest appearance during this song, the first and only time this has ever happened!

15. Jane’s Addiction, EdgeFest, April 2011

This was one of the band’s first shows in America this year. This was before their new record came out. It was my 2nd chance to see them, and it was most definitely lived up to my expectations. Even though they didn’t play “Jane Says”.


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  1. Profile photo of Brian Rutherford Brian Rutherford on January 1st, 2012 9:12 am

    what a great compilation, I’m proud to say I’m a subscriber of the Music Emissions channel and have loved nearly all of the videos posted this year Ben…

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