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Agalloch Release Comprehensive Early Career-Spanning Retrospective

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All you ambient metalheads out there, listen up. One of the best bands out there period right now, Agalloch, have released the following update. You’ll do yourselves a favor and check them out; this disc sounds like the perfect place to start. Here’s what they had to say about the release (including a teaser on their next disc of all-new material, woot!):

“Firstly, we announce the release of ‘The Demonstration Archive’. This is a full-length retrospective CD collection chronicling our unsigned years (1996 – 1998). This release includes both the ‘From Which Of This Oak’, and ‘Promo ’98’ demos. We are also including our never-released seven-inch that was originally entitled ‘Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor’ (later released via The End Records with bonus tracks). From the primal opening riffs of ‘The Wilderness’ to the epic closing of ‘The Melancholy Spirit’, ‘The Demonstration Archive’ tracks the gradual evolution and refinement of the AGALLOCH sound and style finally heard on the landmark debut album ‘Pale Folklore’.

“The track listing appears in chronological order below:

‘From Which of this Oak’ (1997):

01. The Wilderness
02. As Embers Dress The Sky
03. This Old Cabin

‘Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor’ unreleased seven-inch (1998):

04. Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
05. Foliorum Viridium
06. Haunting Birds

‘Promo ’98’ (1998):

07. Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony *
08. The Melancholy Spirit *

* different recording sessions from those appearing on ‘Pale Folklore’

“All the material was taken from the original analog sources. Aside from some slight mastering to keep the songs at an even volume, nothing was edited or polished. This collection includes a 12-page booklet with notes, era-related artwork, and never-before seen photos from a January 1998 session.

“Check out an edited version of ‘The Wilderness’ from our debut demo ‘From Which of This Oak’ on our MySpace player.

“The CD is available via our friends at the Licht von Dämmerung Arthouse.
$12 (US) / $15 (world) to: PayPal only! It is also available from Profound Lore Records and from Anthem Records in downtown Portland.

“Note: this CD is NOT a limited release. It will remain in print according to demand. We will regularly put a few on eBay as ‘buy it now’ auctions to discourage eBay capitalists.

“In other news, we have been working on the DVD footage and audio from our Vosselaar gig this past March ’08. The audio mixes are nearly complete and the video editing will commence shortly.

“We are also working on our fourth full-length album. As for which label will release this album, we have received several offers ranging from the ridiculous to the very interesting. We are currently in discussion with a couple select labels. However, it is likely that no decision will be made until 2009.

“There will be more news in the coming months…”


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