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After overcoming the internal battle in the band, Gorgoroth’s leader Infernus forged ahead and created one of the best albums of the band’s catalog, Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt. Long live Gorgoroth! We caught up with Tormentor, the brilliant and dark guitarist of the band to find out some of his favorite albums of all time:

Pentagram: Pentagram (aka Relentless)
The best doom record ever! Pentagram got a bluesy vibe without getting annoyingly bluesy, that lifts this recording way above the rest. Their 70’s material definitely should be on this list as well, so feel free to check out their First daze here album. Lyric-wise incredibly doomy stuff forced through a 70 hard rock filter.

The Devil’s Blood: The time of no time evermore
Brilliant melodic satanic rock from Holland. I can’t recommend this album enough. It has everything. Brings to mind great obscure 60’s/70’s acts like Coven, Black Widow and Roky Erickson, just better! Check out their MLP Come Reap as well.

Darkthrone: Panzerfaust
Norways finest! Almost all their albums could be on this list, but this particular sums this band up nicely. Perhaps their heaviest album and rather close to Celtic Frost, which also deserves a place on this list, but wrapped in something way more ugly and necro.

Earth: HEX (Or printing in the infernal method)
Earth’s great come back. The old stuff is cool as well (the Sunn amps and smashed guitars album should definitely be checked out), but this album got such a unique atmosphere. Earth’s Dylan Carlson stated that he was heavily influence by C. McCarthy’s book Blood Meridian when writing the HEX album. This is the ultimate soundtrack for this grim tale, beyond good and evil.

Bathory: Bathory
Groundbreaking black metal from perhaps the most important band in the genre. Combines Motorhead and Venom hard rock/black metal with Disharge + more Satan. One of the most direct reasons for the wave of black metal bands that emerged during the early 90’s.


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