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Music Emissions Interview: The Dirty Heads

posted April 20, 2011, 2:04 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Interviews | comment 2 Comments

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Happy 4/20! I was recently lucky enough to get to chat with one of my favorite bands, The Dirty Heads. I made sure to wait until it was after 12 noon before I called, and got a few minutes with singer/rapper Jared Watson.

How’s the headlining tour going with New Politics?

It’s great thanks we are having a blast. We like to have different bands on tour (like O.A.R.), music that is different than ours, so it will attract different people and crowds. That way it exposes those who might not know about us. We keep adding fans everywhere we go, so it’s really cool to see them come out now that we are headlining.

When I think Dirty Heads, I think tour. How do you avoid burn out?

We don’t burn out, we burn on! We just looked back at last year and realized that we were on the road doing shows for over 200 nights! We love what we do so it’s not really a hassle. We’re human and eventually get tired of everything and everyone, and can’t wait to get home. Then we get home for a few weeks and get bored and ready to go again.

Can you tell us about your schedule?

We will be finishing up a few last dates this month and first week or so of May. Then we are taking some much needed time off for Duddy B (singer/guitar player) to get married. We are really looking forward to the Dallas show b/c I get to see my girlfriend.

How do you feel about still touring behind Any Port in Storm?

We are definitely excited about and ready for the new record! Touring with different bands has also helped. It’s confirmed to me to follow your instincts. “Lay Me Down” was just a song we were having fun with at a party, and it accidentally got turned into the label. We had followed all of their advise and ideas, and up to that point had only had ok success. It has been a roller coaster since!

What can you tell us about the new record?

We’ve only spent about 3 weeks in the actual studio, a lot has been done on road and tour. Compared to the first record, it will be more focused, less eclectic, and more cohesive. On the previous you have everything from “Hip Hop Misfits” to “Chelsea”. We had wanted to give everyone a glimpse of what we could do then, now we want to refine that.

Come on, any more details?

We don’t know when to expect a single or when the record is dropping. We aren’t totally sure if this will be a full LP or just an EP yet or not. We have already played a couple live that will probably make it on there (“On My Way” and “We Will Rise”).

What’s up with those youtube videos of writing on a white board?

Those were taken from our ustream sessions. That’s the real deal, it’s totally legit. The record is a work in progress. We wanted to have some fun and give our fans a glimpse of what that was like raw.

I saw one called “Midnight Rider”, can you tell us anything about that one?

I don’t remember quite how it got started, it’s from an old Allman Brothers Band song. We used to sell a lot of weed back in the day and we went through this phase and did a lot of acid. This song is based on a true story of when we were tripping and climbed into a tree and got stuck, we couldn’t get down I think we stayed there for a couple hours.

Any other bands you wanna play with?

We’ll just have to wait and see what opens up. We really dig Sublime with Rome and are excited about their new record! We couldn’t tour with them again this time though so yeah hopefully again soon. We are also looking forward to doing more fests, those are so much fun.

To see what the guys have been working on in the studio, check out these videos:

And here is one of their new songs performed live:


2 Responses to “Music Emissions Interview: The Dirty Heads”

  1. Profile photo of Brian Rutherford Brian Rutherford on April 21st, 2011 1:39 pm

    great interview, would love to see video

  2. Profile photo of Ben Oliver Ben Oliver on April 22nd, 2011 2:24 pm

    Got a change to interview the other singer, Duddy B last fall. Was gonna video it but we were smoking out lol!

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