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Devin The Dude Tour Review

posted June 2, 2011, 7:08 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, Live Show Reviews, Tour, Video | comment Leave a Comment

Devin the Dude really knows how to light up a room, both literally and figuratively. Although there were still 700 tickets left at noon the day of the show, it sold out by showtime. That is not too big of a surprise when you consider the fans though. For those that don’t know, attending a Devin show is a highlight for stoners. It’s no secret that this is an artist who wholeheartedly embraces the lifestyle his music is about. And so do the crowds who come out. It’s not hard to see that there is a market for this demographic, 30 somewhat years after Cheech and Chong. Thanks to Adult Swim, Pineapple Express, and Weeds paving the way, an emerging genre has begun to not only grow, but thrive. I’m not only referring to elder statesmen of the game like Devin or Snoop Dogg. I am referencing a new crop of young up and comers like Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and Curren$y.

The theater was so choke full of people, heat, and smoke, that is was difficult to distinguish between it all. Lucky that the majority were intoxicated, it was an almost unbearable atmosphere prior to the performances. The opening acts were ADd+, and of course the Coughee Brothaz. In between there were also a few others trying out their skills on stage, and assisting by trying to hold the attention of the audience. After all this, the main attraction finally appeared front and center, and nearly immediately everyone forgot about the heat and overcrowding. Taking the stage late but intentionally, the emcee was not afraid to be himself.

Devin, by habit, was joined by the Coughee Brothaz on stage and others in their entourage. Like a good bong rip, their set started off strong then got more mellow the longer it lasted. Both new and classic songs were performed, kicking off with fast songs before slowing down to some R&B style grooves. The set list included “She Wants That Money”, “Show Em”, “Got Bills To Pay”, and “Anythang”. Some artists can only perform when they are sober, but this crew only gets better the harder they party. To be sure, while much of his hip-hop is humorous, this entertainer should be taken serious. A master of his craft, The Dude is not only talented and creative, but has proven to attract a strong following as well.

Usually the question isn’t whether or not you will enjoy a Devin the Dude show, but how much will you enjoy it. That was once again true as an arena packed full of people who were there can testify. The Houston native still has swag after being in the game nearly as long as some of today’s hottest hip-hop stars have been alive. And he doesn’t seem ready to slow down anytime soon. The new record, Fresh Brew, is scheduled to drop July 5th.


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