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Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s Tour Review

posted June 5, 2011, 2:30 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, Interviews, Live Show Reviews, Tour | comment 1 Comment

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It’s always swag to be an early adopter. You know, one of those hipster type elites that is always ahead of the curve. They always wear the trendy clothes before anyone else. They always have the latest and greatest in technology, aka Apple gear. And they oftentimes are also influencing the rest of us in regards what we watch and listen to. I felt like one of those elite individuals when I went to check out Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. Having existed for several years, they have been touring lately to push last year’s Buzzard. That release was a change of pace for the band, who shed many of their former elaborate instruments in exchange for a more stripped down sound. They were filling the opening slot support role for The Twillight Singers.

There were only 100-150 people or so at the beginning of the set. My best guess is that the crowd could be evenly split between those who were already fans and those who were just arriving to the Margot party. I say that because it seemed like half were singing along and half were not. Having said that, I would also add that the majority in attendance were elated by their experience. Size doesn’t always matter, sometimes quality does trump quantity. Their guitars, rhythm, and harmonies were evocative of Minus The Bear. I think fans of Modest Mouse, Portugal.the Man, Ra Ra Riot, Death Cab For Cutie, and Dashboard Confessional would dig their vibe and sound. The stage setup, as the music itself, was simple. Sometimes less is more, and that description was very fitting for the mood of the night.

Margot and gang, led by Richard Edwards, played 40 minutes of consistent pop/folk/love rock. This band makes groovy sounding, poptimistic tunes that remind the world that guys have feelings too. “I’m never gonna break your heart, not unless I have to”, they sing during “New York City Hotel Blues”. They have a sensual sound and seductive stage presence that sucks you in suddenly. The guys led an ethereal journey that made us forget it was just a Monday. Hell, for a few minutes it even made me forget about the flat tire and annoying hassle of an ordeal I had rushing to try and make this show.

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s have been around for several years at this point, and nothing on the horizon would suggest they won’t stay around for several more. There have been numerous evolutions of both form and members, only time can tell if this changes or not. They are just about to end this part of their touring stint. They are experimenting with an innovative project of raising funds to make their new record. By visiting their website, fans can pledge a donation which gets them a copy once the project is done. This hard working band tours frequently, so try and catch them the next time they come through your town.

Check out my interview the guys here.


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  1. Profile photo of Brian Rutherford Brian Rutherford on June 5th, 2011 7:21 pm

    will definitely make a donation soon!

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