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Recs From Gold Beach

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Initially hailing from the Houston area, the principle songwriters of Gold Beach, Tony Daugherty and Michael Winningham, grew up on the same street.  The two relocated to Austin and put the band together, which includes a plethora of regional talent, including: Jeremy Gomez (x-Mineral, the Glass Family), Carlos Orozco (x-Western Keys, Black Drum Set), Nicole Kern (x-Balmorhea), Evan Jacobs (Tacks! the Boy Disaster, Polyphonic Spree), Andy Sharp (Girling), and Henna Chou (x-My Education).

Since then, the band has been on a roll! They self released their first record which the Austin Chronicle called a “carefully crafted debut”, supported national bands such as Memoryhouse, Talkdemonic, Wooden Birds, Balmorhea and recently completed a Daytrotter session. KUT/NPR Austin had the band in studio and Texas Music Matters/NPR included the band in their “Best of 2011” list.  Needless to say, the band has been hard at work and already has made plans in the studio with renown producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, the Walkmen, Wye Oak) to start work on the next record. This is where we pick up with the band!  Gold Beach “Gold Beach” out 2/28 is the first in a series of 7″s that is being released as a joint effort by Velvet Blue Music, Spune, and Tree Fall Sounds.  It’s 2 tracks on beautiful white vinyl, which includes a previously unreleased song and a download card with an whopping 6 tracks! We anticipate great things for the band in 2012!

We were able to ask them which music they have most recently been listening to, and which music they recommend listening to:

“By far the biggest impact on me (and I know this arrives kind of late) is Bon Iver‘s self titled record from last year.  Always kind of liked him, but now I am super sold. If I had to pick a track it would be ‘Beth/Rest‘. Not because it is the best track on the record, but because in all of its Peter Gabriel glory the song is very gutsy in its influences. He makes a saxophone and one of the cheesiest, mid 80’s piano tones work, AND sound soulful and heartfelt. Have to always  remember to stay confident and  trust your influences.

L’ Auberge” by Brigitte Fontaine (from the album Brigitte Fontaine)
Beautiful and hypnotic. Apparently humorous in its actual french translation, but the song sounds very emotional. I don’t speak French.

How Come You Never Go There” by Feist (from the album Metals)
I just love the way I feel like she writes music. It seems very physical, very nuanced by performance.

I’m So Depressed” by Abner Jay (from the album One Man Band)
Cool outsider musician, in the vain of Tom Waits and Skip Spence. There’s just lo-fi recordings from him as a street musician…they’re all great and unfiltered. This one is amazing.

There Goes My Love” by Buck Owens (from the album Bound for Bakersfield)
Super catchy track I’d never heard until buying a recently released cd of alternative tracks before Buck hit it big. Lots of the songs showcase Buck trying out other sounds, outside of his signature style. In the song he sings about a stranger that he has just walked by on the streets who could have been the woman that would have changed his life. I guess you can sing about anything when you have his voice.

Made By Sharks” by Coves (from their online album
Coves is a small up and coming band from Denton TX. We just played a show with them in Fort Worth and they just blew me away. Great sound, really interesting guitar player with a pristine falsetto. My description does not do them justice.  You will hear more from this band.

Holy, Holy” by Wye Oak (from the album Civilian)
I just love her voice and this song so perfectly showcases what they do well as a two piece.
We will be working with the same producer of this record, John Congleton, this year for our new record.

I Don’t Want to Love” by The Antlers (from the album Burst Apart)
I can’t get enough of these guys. They really developed their style on this record, its no longer a bedroom recording act. Dark, but uplifting.


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