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Artist Update: The Used

posted February 23, 2012, 1:50 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Music News, Releases | comment 1 Comment

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The Used have released a new song from their upcoming full length Vulnerable out March 27th. The song was released February 21, with the band holding a live twitter chat discussing the new song with fans.  Fans can stream the song exclusively on

“Hands And Faces” is now available for purchase only on iTunes! Grab it here:

Vulnerable is now available for pre order! Deluxe CD’s and Vinyl available, all with expanded artwork!

Another song has also already leaked. You can also find the first single, “I Come Alive”, below.


One Response to “Artist Update: The Used”

  1. Profile photo of gutterseed gutterseed on February 26th, 2012 5:35 pm

    Loved this band until I went to see them live, not only did he take a life sized picture of a decorated war hero/politician and spit on it, the war hero/politician represented the state he was in.
    When the crowd started cheering he started chastizing them for cheering, telling them to form their own opinions. 1/2 the crowd was too young to even know who the guy was he was spitting on. But anyone who spits on a war hero is a tool in my opinion. I don’t care if you agree with their politics or not.
    He did a number of really annoying things that a frontman shouldn’t do, like hold the crowd hostage and scream at them to shut up until it was totally quiet, demanding that he wouldn’t play if the house wasn’t completely quiet.
    We busted that theory up, because I started going “Bueller…Bueller”…
    He really got pissed when someone yelled Free Bird, but then he really got pissed when everyone started yelling Free Bird because he got pissed.
    The used is a great album band and I respect their musical talents, but as far as showmanship, I wouldn’t waste 20 bucks on them again, simply because their singer’s a knucklehead.

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