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35 Denton Fest 2012 Coverage Part 3

posted March 10, 2012, 8:14 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, Festivals, General Interest | comment Leave a Comment

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Last night, for the 2nd night of the fest, we were derailed due to overcrowding. We got here earlier tonight, and were just able to watch our first show of the night, Best Coast.  The only issue tonight is the weather. To rain that it is really raining hard is probably the understatement of the year!  We endured the cold, damp weather to catch this show–we refused to miss any after last night’s fiasco.

Best Coast Photo Credit 35 Denton via Twitter

It’s difficult to say precisely how many people were part of the crowd outside, but it was most likely 500-1000, maybe even more. Under a canopy of soaked bodies and umbrellas,  Best Coast was perhaps close to being their best. Taking the stage with an extra guitar player and a new drummer, they proceeded to play many of their familiar hits. These included “Our Deal”,   “When I’m With You”, and “Boyfriend”. They also performed a couple of newer songs like “How They Want Me To Be” and not  exactly sure of the other, maybe “When You Wake Up”. Making our way towards the front half of the audience, we could barely see them from the stage, due to the amount of umbrellas in the air. I confess that I spent the majority of the show mesmerized watching the stage lights making the rainfall glow. Their set was 45 minutes, the most of which we were there for. We weren’t able to see the first or last song, but unfortunately I don’t think any brand new songs from the upcoming record were debuted here. I look forward to being wrong and posting a correction though. You can get all the details on the new album artwork, track listings, and release date here.

Ok it’s time to stop blogging and go catch some more shows. We plan to see Eastern Sea, Sundress, Oberhofer, Gardens & Villa, and Danny Brown tonight. Tune in tomorrow for more coverage.

Update: Apparently they did play a new song, “Don’t Know Why I Cry”.




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