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Tour Review: Delta Spirit

posted April 19, 2012, 5:05 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under General Interest, Live Show Reviews | comment Leave a Comment

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Review and photos by Special Guest Correspondent Michelle Pelissero

This review might be a tad biased considering I had spun my favorite Delta Spirit album, History From Below, a few dozen times the week of the show. Even though I absolutely adore the band, I had no idea what their live show would be like. Being the pessimist that I am, I expected the worst.

Saturday night’s show at the Granada Theater in Dallas started off slow with the tour’s opening support act, Waters. I arrived about half way into their set and looked around only to see that the theater was not quite as packed as I had imagined a sold out show would be. Clearly not many attending knew about them, and were instead spending their time guzzling down a few beers. Well they weren’t missing much, I could only stand listening to about one and a half of Waters’ songs before I got bored and went outside. The dimly lit stage was highlighting a band that might have played decent music but just wasn’t bringing their “A” game to their performance. There was no passion in their set, no movement on stage, just a gentle swaying movement coming from each musician, all with their heads down. I’ll probably give their music another chance, but this Saturday night I was looking for something a little more lively to get me in the “spirit” to see one of my favorite bands, pun intended.

After Waters left the stage the theater began filling up, and I was having issues finding a place to stake claim to take photos during the first three songs. I finally planted myself in the front where I kept myself entertained by watching the Spurs/Mavs war happening on the twitter feed. Just in the heat of all the twitter drama, Delta Spirit took the stage. They immediately filled the room with a renewed energy and excitement, the screen covering the stage lifted and the band took their places on the stage. Each band members faces were lit by individual spotlights making each stand out from the background adorned with three brightly lit deltas. Then the magic began.

Matt Vasquez took the mic and they began their set with a foot stomping, hand clapping fiery passion that enveloped the crowd for the entire set. Their show was hands down amazing. In the middle of one song, Delta Spirit stopped playing and asked the audience to put away their phones and shut the fuck up. As you can imagine it took a few minutes to get everyone’s glowing cell screens to dim and the chatter to stop, but it did. And the silence was appreciated. It was a nice reminder to people that helps to get away from the chaos of the social media, drama filled world and just appreciate where you are. I might have just gotten too deep for you, but hopefully not. I challenge you try watching a show without looking at your cell next time…see if you can do it.

Anyway after Delta caught everyone’s attention, they finished the song they moved on to play their two biggest songs which elicited many of the crowd members to break out in an excited happy dance. Or well, at least my friends and I did. ‘Bushwick Blues’ and ‘California’, the song featured in their latest music video, were toward the end of the show and left all the Delta fans who wanted to hear their favorite songs, including myself, greatly satisfied. I highly recommend seeing this up and coming band, and look forward to catch them again myself.


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