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Tour Review: Sammy Adams

posted July 20, 2012, 11:19 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under General Interest, Live Show Reviews | comment 1 Comment

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Review and photos by  Special Guest Correspondant Ryan Himmelrick

The House of Blues on the famously known sunset strip located in Los Angeles hosted yet another epic performance by some great up and coming entertainers of our time. The night started with the floorspace quickly swelling with fans of Boston’s boy Sammy Adams (formerly Sam Adams), as well as fans of the opening act Radical Something.

At 8pm sharp, the iconic red velvet curtains opened and the Los Angeles natives Radical Something started the night off. They began their music group a little over a year ago, sang their hit “California” to show how much they love their fellow California kids! It was only the beginning of a truly epic and lively performance. They definitely brought the energy levels through the roof as all 3 members brought each of their own unique styles to the stage to get the crowd pumped. The group definitely achieved a high level of energy, and even had two fans try to jump the security barrier to get on stage for their own up close experience. After they performed their 6 song set, which went by way too quick, they asked the entire crowd to get in on a “family photo.” The band got right in front of the crowd, lying back over the rails, and on the count of 1-2-3, had everyone say “radical”! The house lights flashed and they got their photo, which we know ended up on all the social network sites to show their fan appreciation.

After their set, the curtains closed and the band went to the back of the house and did a free meet and greet for any fan who wanted to come snap a photo or hang out. get some free shirts and posters that they even autographed for free! By this time, it was clear that that anticipation was high as the crowd waited for the one and only Sammy Adams aka Boston’s Boy to perform. For those who don’t know, he first appeared on the scene by releasing an EP in 2010. He sounded nearly identical to Mac Miller. While still performing rap, he has since then evolved into a more commercial pop sounding vibe.

Sammy has not performed in the Southern California area since 2010 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. He did however host this years Kiis Fm Wango Tango after party in Los Angeles, but as far as a full set, this is the first in what seems like decades for his dedicated fans. The room went dark, and the chants start, “SAMMY”, “SAMMY”, ” SAMMY!” Louder and louder the chants got until finally the curtain began to rise. DJ JayceeOH, his DJ and friend,  started it off with a personal set mixed with some dirty base dub-step, top 40, and a few remixes of his own. He seemed to take the already sky high energy level even higher.

After 10 minutes of mixing, behind the DJ booth a screen lit up. A giant 20×15 screen had Sammy’s latest album cover on it. From there, a video diary started with a classical 60’s style dance song to set a mood, and shown in “old time” black and white; Sammy’s journey to the great city of LA. From leaving Boston, to arriving in LA, to the hotel. It then ended with Sammy’s face on the screen again. In no time at all, he appeared on stage in person, and the noise level roared with fans who can barely contain their excitement.

He opened with the perfect song  “Coming Up” with a lyric that says “I’m running airlines from LA to Boston.”  It was the first of many great songs he performed that night. The young star performed a mix of songs from his first CD Boston’s Boy,  to his newer Party Records album. Of course he also performed his newer singles as well. Towards the end of the show, Sammy had one more song to perform, but before his last performance, he paused. He got a request from a fan via Twitter and asked for a favor. The fan and his girlfriend walked to center stage, and the fan got on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes and the house cheered in excitement. With that, Sammy performed his new hit “Only One” that is a song that sings about the perfect girl, who is the “only one” out there.

The show ended with a bang, as the crowd chanted and cheered, Sammy came back out, ripped off his shirt and did a stage dive. The perfect way to end a perfect show. Sammy definitely lived up to everyones expectations, he even graced the crowd and played his newest song “All Night Longer” which was never performed live until tonight. It will be available on iTunes in the next coming months, with an album release to take place towards the late summer or early fall. Sammy Adams truly is a talented artist so if you ever have the opportunity to catch a performance, you are sure to be amazed and entertained by one of Massachusetts’ finest.


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  1. Profile photo of Himmelrick Himmelrick on July 29th, 2012 11:34 pm

    Both of these bands truly did an amazing job!!! So proud of Sammy Adams doing well in his career! Can not wait for the new album coming in the next few months.

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