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Introducing: Passenger Peru

posted September 19, 2012, 11:30 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Music News, On The Verge, Releases | comment Leave a Comment

by special guest correspondent Jon Kopecky

It’s that time of year again. The time when you realize the long, hot days of summer are finally retreating and the impending crisp nights of autumn are near. It really isn’t that bad when you think about how long this past summer of 2012 managed to stick around, including the unforgettable, scorching Hell-on-Earth days of mid-July. With any changing of the season, the are always those similar changes that occur in our daily lives. For some, the Fall means the return to school – for better or worse. For others, it marks the end of the long nights of care-free living and the return of the early dusk and tempered actions it brings. Personally, the gradual shift from Summer results in a dynamic shift in my musical tastes and influences. There’s no doubt that some songs were meant to be played as the loud backing soundtrack to a memorable lake party with friends, yet when those long nights of partying fade away so does the desire to constantly listen to those songs on repeat. I’ve always enjoyed this shift of interests that coincides with the changing of the seasons for a variety of reasons, the most important being that it allows me to really settle into a tune with a more open-mind. Without the constant desire to want to seize the daylight and beautiful weather, I find myself more able to take some extra time out of my day to really spend some quality time listening to music – both new and old. Although my work commitments have caused me to be working close to 50 hours a week for the past few weeks, I’ve been able to use my time at work to check out a ton of new music in an almost grab-bag fashion of hearing tunes.

Lucky for me, an incredible song was

sent directly my way one day from a band out of New York named Passenger Peru. Although I was definitely intrigued by the title of the tune, “Heavy Drugs,” I only feel obliged to mention that the complimentary artwork for the track sealed the deal for immediate listening (Check it above – it’s like the art project of my dreams!) All it took was for me to press play on their BandCamp page, and I was immediately hooked. I’m not really sure that this song could have arrived at a more perfect time in my life – as it’s longing message of departing from the vacations of life and back to reality has managed to resonate constantly in my own personal life. From the very beginning of the tune, the mellow vibes and care-free sounds immediately begin to ooze out from this lo-fi jam appropriately-named “Heavy Drugs.” The muffled drums create the perfect minimal beat to compliment with the various layers of vocals and instrumentals of every sort. The looped-nature of the rhythm section of “Heavy Drugs” helps to established an eclectic beat that quickly gets stuck in your head with every passing measure of music. As the reverb-heavy guitars begin to fill the sonic space with their garage-rock riffs, the tune truly begins to take shape as a feel-good jam. The variety of instruments found throughout “Heavy Drugs” create a whirlwind of psychedelic sounds that seem to satisfy every sonic sense.

While the various instruments layered and looped throughout the tune evoke a sense of aural bliss, this feeling is quickly diminished through the vocal truths resonated as “…vacation’s over now…” repeats throughout. Regardless of the message being emitted, there is no denying the utter awesomeness of Passenger Peru and their single “Heavy Drugs.” This of course comes as no surprise seeing how founding member of the Passenger Peru duo – Justin Stivers – has had quite an accomplished musical career crafting indie pop jams for the likes of Pet Ghost Project as well as recording with The Antlers on this terrific Hospice LP. Couple his musical talents with the sonic skills and creative mind of multi-instrumentalist Justin Gonzales and you have the makings of an enthralling indie rock duo. It’s hard to believe it took me so long to hear their incredible lead single “Heavy Drugs,” as it has quickly become a part of my daily music-listening habits. It only makes things more exciting to know that there is a full-length album due from Passenger Peru in the very near future – and if it sounds anything like the few songs I’ve heard from this up-and-coming duo then we are all in for quite a treat. Scheduled for a September 25th release, the count-down is on for an album of enthralling jams to satisfy my sonic desires created from their addicting “Heavy Drugs” single. For those looking to fill this desire, the band recently-released an incredible cover of My Bloody Valentine entitled “Don’t Ask Why.” Although it’s a little bit more mellow, there are still the whirlwinds of sounds and upbeat tempo that seems like an effortless craft for the Passenger Peru duo to create. Be sure to give these tunes a listen, and download the lead single “Heavy Drugs” above. Also, stay up-to-date with the Passenger Peru duo through their various social websites below and be sure to drop them a comment somewhere to let them know just how spectacular their tunes are! If you are in the NYC area, I’m sure there will be some upcoming concerts dates announced soon, so stayed tuned to hear more from this rising indie pop/rock duo.


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