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Music Emissions Minute: Foo Fighters to Take a Breather

posted October 2, 2012, 8:22 pm by ROCKthusiast | Filed Under Music Emissions Minute, Podcast | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, Band Hiatus

It’s amazing what passes for music news these days. During their September 29th set in New York’s Central Park, Dave Grohl announced that this would be the last Foo Fighters show for awhile. Rock fans worldwide freaked out to the point that Grohl had to take to the FOOs’ Facebook page to explain himself. If anyone deserves a break to rest on their laurels, it’s him, but I doubt that’s what he does. He likes to keep busy with other projects, the latest being this Sound City Studios documentary I can’t wait to see. And if you recall, it was three and a half years between the last two Foo Fighters albums. Don’t worry, we’ll see that bearded grin of his sooner rather than later. With your Music Emissions Minute, this has been the ROCKthusiast Gilles LeBlanc.


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